-Thank god Spring break 2008 is almost over, that shit almost killed me. I saw some crazy shit go down let me tell you! I saw bong rips to fakie, beer bongs to regs, and crack pipes to disasters...and this was all in one night. Murphy is getting back from California tonight and let me just say he is not a happy camper right now. Sorry about the lag with the Tony quotes. This week's quote is "Those titties say L.A. but that ass says Texas." Yep, you heard it here folks, the one and only Tony Mellick, spitting hot fire. In shop news, someone stole a Stussy shirt the other day and it's actually the first thing that's ever been stolen from the shop the whole time I've worked here. I'm actually kind of excited because now I'm on the hunt once again. It brings me back to my bounty hunting days when I was an apprentice under Sammy the Bull and the Teflon Don himself. Who knew people cherished their knee caps so much?!?!?!?! Nobody can hear you scream in space Stussy stealer. I hope all of you have been keeping up on all the Epicly Laterd Cardiel episodes. It just recently wrapped up the other week and boy was it a wild ride ehh! Everybody who can should go out today and think about how John Cardiel can't skate the way he used to and be thankful for what you have. Cardiel day 2008! Oh, and by the way, if it still was a question in your mind, yeah, there is still no crying in skateboarding. Just had to get that out there, Phelps knows. Buried by time and dust, until next time.-

-I drove the other night to this spot with Monico and I'm not going to lie, that dude is so naturally nice and up beat it's not even funny. He would rather cut his wrists than speak badly about someone, he's that legit. Monico, we all love you and thanks for being positive, even when your in the car with a negatively jaded individual like myself.-

-For those who know, let nothing be said, but for those who don't, here is the infamous Andy Roy interview in Big Brother from back in the day. I was so excited to find this. This was when Andy still rode for Consolidated before he went to prison. This interview really makes you align yourself with one type of skateboarder or the other, real or fake, it's that simple. How close or how far away is skateboarding from your mind when you just got your teeth kicked out and you're urinating bloody chunks of who knows what? That's what I thought love was. Smoke em' if you got em'!-


-Welcome to Spring break 2008 on the Denver Shop site. We are so excited to have you with us! Please enjoy the complimentary punch, chips, guacamole, and clip/pictures of our team and friends. Spring break can either bring out the best or worst in people, often it's the worst unfortunately. For instance, if it wasn't Spring break 2008 would I not try to huck my carcass down 12 stairs in the dark? I think not. For I was under the influence of Spring break, and I got Spring broke. Come visit us on your lovely absence from school or life's mundane chores, and indulge in what we have to offer. If we could be a delicious treat or snack we would most definitely be a cupcake...come satisfy your sweet tooth with us friends!-

-This is our friend Casey. Casey was wearing two different shoes the other day. Sadly we brought this to his attention. Major buzzkill. End of story.-

-In this photo you will see two very rare things, one being me with a bloody nose and two, Grant Hammell himself. This is Grant showing off his new jerry curl, I was impressed to say the least.-

-Now that Tyler is broke off to the max he lays around random couches throughout Southern California dreaming of a time that was better than the present. Being able to manual kick flip is way neater than breaking your ankle on 15 stairs, sorry T.P.-


-I just got word from headquarters and yes, I can now confirm that Van Wastell is on the Denver Shop. In the contract though, there was a paragraph about him no longer filming anything in those wild and crazy tank tops, sorry Van. I would like to congratulate both Van and Tony Mellick who was the muscle behind the deal. Van has been on Denver Shop sticker flow for 3 years and we thought it was about time he got the recognition he deserved. I'm not alone when I say I can't wait to see your part in the new Denver Shop video Van, bravo! In team news, Josh Murphy is headed out to California for Spring break 2008 and is ready to attack the Arthouse warehouse with late shoves and nose mannies. Whitney got a new job finally deleting porn for Photo Bucket, he'll probably get fired the first week for beating off. Tyler Price called me the other night from California where he just broke his ankle trying you guess what down a infamous 15. Mmmmmmm, yeah, one hint, it's in the Baker video like crazy, tudaloo my friends. Get better soon Tyler. I would also like to welcome to the team our new team manager, one Matt Beach. Some of you may remember Matt from his pro stint on such companies as The Firm and Independent. He is also the first guy I ever saw do a kickflip frontside tailslide. I'm pretty excited he's on board now, maybe he'll cut me and our stock will go up again. Well, I hope to see some familiar faces soon as the weather gets better and better, but until then practice your no complys.-

-We're coming in pretty hot with the skateboarding websites these days! Here's our proof and boy I didn't say it was pretty, jeesh!-

-I found this gem in Whit's folder from a while ago. Originally this clip was in his sponsor me tape for Shortys, Osiris, and Hurley. Oh well, shit worked out for the better I guess, you got on the Denver Shop.-

-J-Greer was telling me a story about the first time he found a tampon on the ground and he didn't know what it was so he picked it up. This story explains a lot about the gentleman believe it or not...maybe a little too much ehhh?!?!!??-


-It was Whitney's birthday over the weekend and I bought him some truly disturbing pornography, hopefully he'll get really bummed out and completely forget about his birthday all together. Josh Murphy had a nervous breakdown yesterday and threw his board in a river and apparently killed a fish. The last I heard PETA is on his trail. Tony is out of the shop today so I'm sailing the ship all by myself over here. If you want to come in we can play board games or talk anime. I hope after all of you look at the website you go outside and take advantage of the lovely weather. If I could I would, but last week I contracted a flesh eating virus that has began to decompose my right leg, oh well. Maybe I'll become the new Jon Comer or the new Oggi Zuzza, just any popular skateboarder who doesn't have functional legs, count me in. Oh yeah. in team news, Bobby Worrest is on the team now. Congratulations Bobby! He sent me some footy over AIM, I sent him back some numbers, he dug the numbers, one thing led to another, contract was signed early sunday morning and now you're reading history. Bravo.-

-Franny finally emailed us and it's good to know that he's not dead yet. It sounds like he'll either come back with great stories, herpes, or both. See you soon Franny! D-shop fam,
Sorry for the update lag but i rarely get a chance to even be on the internet and when i do its like using dial up. Also i have been doing a lot of traveling lately to small cities around Barcelona so i haven't really been around to get anything done. I met up with a pack of Norwegian kids out here who pretty much know all the spots so I've been skating all the famous shit plus some hidden gems. If any one ever comes out here take time to go to Sabadell its a small city about 40 minutes away on the train. Its basically a little piece of skate heaven and the police never bother you. Also bring as much gear as you can because skate stuff is two to three times as expensive. I'm headed to Morocco on thursday to ride camels into the desert and sleep there for two nights then a ferry to Portugal. Hopefully i wont die, but its probable. I tried to send some flicks again but it didn't work. Sorry Fran.-

-This clip is of Murphy when he went to Kansas and lost his 2 last baby teeth in a pool. "There was blood everywhere and I only found one of the teeth." -Josh Murphy ladies and gentlemen.-

-Now that the Thrasher article dropped Thrasher is making limited shirts for their 4 most favorite under-the-rader states. Obviously Colorado is one of them and I have a feeling the shirts are going to go fast. Keep your eyes open for these delicious gems.-

-We all know meatballs don't roll up hills, they roll down them. Joe Bear preaches to the quire.-


-Jee wizz! The quote wall is going off back here. Tony is on fire! This week's quote is "I'm the coolest guy I know." Yep, pretty good stuff. I'm alone right now, everyone else is out filming for the most anticipated Denver Shop video yet; POOP SATCHELS! The deadline is August and we're all trying our little hearts out. Maybe by August our minds will change and we'll call the video FULLY FUCKED or BAG OF FUCK, I like those too. In shop news, we have a brilliant assortment of new clothing and accessories just waiting for you to come and look at. FLYING COFFIN up the yin yang and the new STUSSY arrival out the kazoo! It's clothing madness. You'll be the hippest bro/bra in your suburb...maybe. I'm glad the weather has been so cooperative lately, it really makes for a funner skateboard time/sesh sesh. I hope to see you all in here more often now that the weather is skateboard friendly. The bad kids had it right all along...till next time.-

-I will give you 2 guesses, is this Murphy A. sleeping or B. orgasiming? Or C. you just got an odd visual and are over it. That makes 3 of us my friend.-

-Nothing much to elaborate on here besides the fact that I suck. More proof lies in my blog.-

-I've met some bad drunks in my time, but Tyler is the only one that I've seen shit his pants, vomit exorcist style at a wall, and try to eat his own hair all in 5 minutes. If you're doing these types of things you're either really secure with yourself or really troubled, you be the judge. Here's Tyler pre oops poops vomit hair sesh.-


-It snowed the other day but it was a weak last attempt from mother nature to try and stop us, it melted within 13 hours. So everyone is out filming, Murphy's working on kick melon late shoves, Whit's trying slappy noseslides on handrails, and Nate's trying to keep his jeans fresh and crisp cuzh. Winter is pretty much over so all the hoodies in the shop are on sale and a bunch of the winter clothing is half off so swing on by if you want to get clothed. Like I said last update we're doing Tony quotes all the time now, so here's the newest one; "without weed there would be no satan." Yep, your guess is as good as mine. I got an email last night from Jeremy Foxx, owner of Flip skateboards, he said Geoff Rowley really wants to be on the shop and was loving the website lately. I said true true, shoot me some new footage and I'll see what I could do. 12 minutes later he sent me a quicktime of Rowley's Sorry part and I said "did I fucking stutter Foxx!?!?!? New footage you ass face! New shit!" 3 minutes later I was watching bangers and I was texting Rowley, "you're on babe, you're on." He was pumped to say the least, he couldn't wait to get the phatty dope dope hook up with the sticker/shirt flow. In more shop news, Adam Brown faxed me a letter saying that we all should expect a comeback in 2008 from the notorious king of fakie...I'm spooked to say the least. I'll see you all soon amigos, I got to go update my anime blog with Anthony Barnes, he's waiting in the kitchen with a spoonful of yogurt for me.-

-This is Greg wearing a jean jacket in 90 degree weather. And this is me jealous of Greg being in California with Chad "American Gladiator" Knight and Kristin "NSS" Svitek. Plate tectonics will save us.-

-This is Walsh finally getting his revenge on Murphy when Murph snaked Walsh and pulled his line before he did the other day. Yeah, me too, I'd rather watch worms have sex.-


-Whoo, now I remember why I don't skate stairs, you wake up feeling like Rip Taylor sat on your fucking legs and back. I guess from here on out it's back to the bank-to-curbs and manny pads...for a bit. I know myself too well though, I'll end up being in the heat of the moment, Phelps to my right, Anthony Barnes behind me, rubbing my shoulders, giving me advice, and Gonz to the left painting my leg. And yes, in the heat of the moment, I push at that monstrous set and commit social suicide. For I did not nollie or even ollie, but I early grabbed, roast beef style at that...can I ever forgive myself? Phelps, Barnes, and Gonz, please forgive me, for I am a curb skater in a rail skaters world. Woooow! Sorry about that! That was a flashback of sorts! That was like the time I got knocked out for Adam Brown shooting photos in the strip club, me...not him! In shop news, Brian Anderson's on, Adam Brown's kind of on, and I'm off, I'm kicking myself off...for this weekend. In the back room at the shop we have this structure of two-by-fours that some how holds all of our shoes and most recently we've been writing down every epic Tony quote on it. This week's favorite is definitely "fuck your face Ronald McDonald!" I'll put up a Tony quote every week from here on out, it'll be fun. Come in to the shop some time this week, Whitney is so broke he's offering his body up to violence. If you pay him 5 dollars you can punch him anywhere on his body as hard as you want (except his cheeto and marbles). I already took advantage of this stellar offer a few years ago actually, I punched him in the chest while he was sleeping. He instantly sprung up and started gurgling, what a chomo! Let's play Pogs!-

-Monico recently won this years Reese Forbes ollie challenge, so, congratulations Monico. Most of you probably didn't know there was a ollie challenge this year and that's mainly because we held it in Tony's backyard with twenty dudes. No major industry heads, just drunk locs left and right from the suburbs. Suburban heelamonster?!!?!?!?-

-J-Greer went to New Mexico and he came back with this, and that's it, needless to say he blew it. Footage party nevermore, sadly, the pope weeps in his grave, and princess Diana walks along the sea holding hands with Shirley Temple black.-

-Two things J-Clark lives for: porn and shitting, all in one photo for your viewing pleasure.-

-This month's Thrasher has an article on Colorado shot by Roman Chavez and written by myself, with a few of our team riders in there with epic photos. Congratulations to everyone involved and my condolences to the sad few who actually wasted their time reading the article. I suck at life.-


-So Gonz calls me up last night drunk off devil piss preaching double sets and wallies. I call him back this morning thinking he's off the juice, but he's still up raging, spitting hot fire about his new band Pretty Kitty. He plays keytar, Mic-E Reyes is on harmonica, Phelps is on banjo, and Dill is in the crowd...that's all. I woke up this morning with permanent marker all over my socks and ears. I skateboarded with Josh Murphy yesternight and he told me that the funny thing about skateboarding is that you unfortunately have to be awake to do so. I see his point and I raise him 6 pogs, 2 slammers, and 1 brown bandana. Tony wants everyone to know that the Nuggets are blowing it, that's all. Recently I've received a number of emails claiming that I've been a little too vulgar or bizarre on the website lately and all I have to say to those specific few is I'm truly sorry. I'm truly sorry you're all weak ass muarks and I hope you all sneeze out your tampons real soon. Don't interfere with nature. This website makes the pope weep. Adios muchachos!-

-This chomo rolled up on the spot with his whip and was claiming he's gonna take that shiaaaat across the country. Tony broke it down in typical Tone Loc fashion and said "more power to you man". I would have told the hombre to quit life while he was still ahead.-

-If you guys are into breakdancing, skateboarding, or mimes, you'll love this article in the newspaper about William and the shop. My favorite photo is the one of Tony looking very business like. God knows I love business. God knows I love being serious. Seriously. Seriousness.-

-This is Greg "Oi chant" Harbour performing a dog piss tail tap which interestingly enough is the name of his current haircut. Life's funny sometimes. Some kid brought in a "sponsor" tape the other day and unlike us being bummed like usual, we were utterly surprised. Why you ask, well because the kid wasn't skateboarding, he was Soap shoeing...yep, we're pretty pumped. The way our stock is looking this week I'd say he's already on. Friends stab you in the front.-


-My sincere apologies to everyone! My life has been so hectic the past week I haven't been able to update. I'll try and make it up to you. Not too much is new besides that the weather is actually working with us now and not against us. Everybody is actually making it out to film and breaking themselves off, I love to watch from the sidelines. I can't handle those air flip drops anymore, I'm on a slappie diet. Infamous East Coast powerhouse Mike Fork has been gracing the shop the past few days with his rabid shit talking and inside jokes. Last night when we were skating Fork told me to "drop and give him 50 axle stalls!" It must be a New England thing. By the way, thanks to the guys at Coliseum Skateboard Superstore for the shirts the other day, we'll wear them with pride. I hope the weather stays nice enough for all of us to skate and I hope to see all of your faces very soon. Oh yeah, and a huge shout out goes to Arty the Greek, Mickey Rourke, Dead Dave Kordan, Dave Carnie, and Dirty Sanchez Sr. and Jr. Did you hear Michael Jackson paid the eskimos to do nine eleven? Terry Kennedy told Tony that Gator is innocent..? Born to barge, until next time.-

-Are there any people out there that remember that priceless Shad footage with him and all the satanic marker illustrations on his body? Well, I enjoy laying in bed at night thinking about satanic demons taking over my body, and I also love night time smith grind photos. Are you afraid of the dark? Pete and Pete?-

-This is Jason with some guy claiming that dinosaurs were able to have orgasms. If I was a dinosaur I would kill creatures weaker than me for fun and then defecate on their cadavers. Or make love to their cadavers because it wouldn't matter, I'm a dinosaur, I'm dead anyway. Today's theme song is "Nuns Have No Fun" by Mercyful Fate.-

-As you can obviously see here Walsh gets taken out by Murph on a zip zinger. That's like someone pouring lemon juice into your wounds. Or maybe it's similar to the way Ryan Sheckler feels about his sudden "attention". Did any of you read his interview in Transworld?!?!?!?! I thought that guy was done months ago, but jeeeesus christo! You're forever fucked for life now hombre. $ellouts rooooooo!-


-Yesterday was beautiful outside! I actually made it out to practice getting angry and laughing at myself for not being able to do things I used to be able to. It was great. The icing on the cake was the random mob of like 6 douche bags trying to start shit with random kids at the park. I love seeing that, why you may ask, well, what those douche bags don't know is that crazy beats big every time and we're vato loco chomos! Thanks to all involved for making Denver park a violent environment, I hope none of you breed. Sorry about that, onto bigger and better subject matter. Burton released a number of emails this morning to shops all over the world saying that they "were not going to change anything at DNA Distribution" and boy, I really trust them...sic! I always go to snowboarders when I have questions about skateboarding, chaaa, like totally! Go fuck yourselves you scum bags! Hope your money keeps you warm in the grave. I'm bitter because I loved so many of those riders and enjoyed those videos for years and the images put into my head from ads left and right. It's just hard for me to grasp something kind of sacred to me being bought out by someone so foreign and false. I really hope I'm not alone on this one. While I'm on the subject of core companies and people, I want to give a supportive shout out to my good friend John at Fake Skateboards. John has been doing his thing all by himself down in Castle Rock for a while, but some unfortunate events have suddenly changed all of that. I just wanted to acknowledge someone who was in it for the right reasons and I wish him the best from here on out. Support your local skate shop and watch the link below involving Chris Nieratko. Buried by time and dust, I'll see you all soon.-

-Pretty much Nieratko read my thoughts and I agree with everything he had to say. Everyone who thinks they love skateboarding should watch this, especially the trick ass muarks who get butt hurt easily, this will help you grow hair on your chest. Bring back Big Brother!!!-

-Willy is on fire with the sequences lately, yowzers! Rumor has it he stated that "it's all good practice for the real deal." The next time you see him ask him what the real deal is. Building to building? Helicopter to fire truck? Pregnant women to bean plant fakie?-

-This picture is really pretty, it's so pretty it makes me want to pick flowers and listen to Morrissey all day. I already listen to Morrissey all day so I'm half way there. Maybe Prince or the Cure all day? Shad says wikki wikki all day. Ty bush says no comment.-

-Sometimes the excitement takes a hold of you and people do strange things. I once was so excited at a rave that I ate my own t-shirt, it was terribly embarrassing. It was a lovely shirt too. Here Tony exhibits how excitement can control your body without you even knowing it. It didn't help that he just smoked 3 ounces of meth and snorted some 4:20 weed juice, but hey. can you blame him? Party on.-


-Not much has happened since yesterday, but I thought I'd update anyway. I got an email last night from Dave Carnie saying that Larry Flynt has decided to once again fund Big Brother, so yes ladies and gentlemen, Big Brother is back. It was a exciting and surprising evening. I also got an email from Steven Patrick Morrissey replying to the list of questions I sent him over a year ago. At the end of the letter he simply typed "Viva hate, Morrissey", it was pleasant, most satisfactory. Then at 3:37 in the morning I received a text from Freddy Gall saying that he was drunk off your old lady and was going to shoot himself in the temple with a beebee gun 12 times. Apparently he saw my update yesterday discussing the Workshop/Habitat fiasco and lost his cool. He drove up to his sister's place in Albany, NY and threw her dog through a plane glass window. He then pulled down his pants and pulled out the beebee gun and started shooting himself. Truly sad, but all that came of this was a little wound due to the fact that he was demanded to "stop this nonsense" by his grandma 7 beebees in. My thoughts go out to the Gall family, I love you Freddy, get better. Speaking of miraculous recoveries, Adam Brown's secretary told me last night that he's making a killer comeback after he rolled both his ankles and got a concussion. According to my source he was in some sort of a tranny accident on one of those new light boards, no further info but I'll stay on top of it for you folks. Oh shit, oh wait...this just in...The Denver Shop was just...yes, yes, also sold to Burton. We'll get back to you on this one with further details later, but don't you worry, this corporate monster from hell won't change us (sigh). World, you've made a young man very old...-

-I was too busy drooling over the lovely scenery to even notice Shad smoking his leg to the max. This spot is the Casa Bonita of spots if you will, and Shad ordered the grande margarita! Youchhh!-

-Ahh, another spot that is delicious, a rail made of 98% marshmallow. I was surprised Josh even slid this devil log, I would have stopped and bit into it instead. Oh well! I guess marshmallows and rain don't mix as both Josh and Tony find out. You can't tell from this angle, but Josh's board actually shot out into Tony's knee cap and sent him to the ER. He lost 4 pints of blood and received 58 stitches...and Josh didn't apologize once.-

-Monico rolls through a giant cylinder here which I read as a symbol. The symbol being birth, his introduction into this world, his beginning. Monico is pretty tall so I would imagine his actual birth was pretty messy if you catch my drift. Did you know that more women tear in their vaginal region during birth than not? Yeah, I love Google, love it!-

-I guess hippie jumps and ninjas go hand in hand...hippie ninjas? Ninja stars? Hippie stars? Well either way the battle rages on in my head. You can take the ninja out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the ninja. William Spencer, the green Power Ranger, shows off his roots.-


-Thanks Tony for holding down the site while I was in the big house. Monday night I got arrested for the first time ever, pretty epic. Who knew that spitting on a Michael Jackson impersonator was disturbing the peace, oh well. I'll be looking for you Jack-o, the streets never sleep. Well, back to business, that art contest we were hosting has taken off faster than we thought. We got some really good entries already. If you are easily offended by vulgar, hilarious, or violent images, don't click on this link. By the way, censorship is weak as fuck, Kyle knows what's up. While I'm on the topic of shit being weak as fuck, did everybody already hear about Alien Workshop and Habitat being bought by Burton Snowboards? Yeah, good luck with that move fellas, you all fucked up. I'll hit this shit up sooner than later, keep checking back or swing on by so we can talk chocolate covered raisins and the art of selling out, chaaa!-

-My amigo Jer just got back from Arizona and he had a better time than our cholos did by far. Not only did he skate all the parks with no shirt on, he beat guts with 2.7 broads and ran over a dog when driving to get a refried bean refill for his burrito. I guess you all know who you should roll with from here on out, Jer baby, you're made of diamonds baby, diamonds!-

-Sticking with the theme of people taking trips, this clip is of J-Greer on a recent trip to New Mexico. He was there for 72 hours and checked his myspace 42 times, posted 14 bulletins, left 65 comments, and denied 13 people's friend requests. Oh, and got 0 useable tricks. These numbers give me a headache in my pants.-


-Breaking news....we have already received a "how not to go crazy in this wintery time" art submission....this comes from our very own Whitney Wells......Whit I appreciate the content but have you heard of the focus button.-


-Nothing ever good comes from Tuesdays and to prove that just look outside......Hard to believe its going to be in the high 50s by the weekend.....Honestly I should have stayed in Arizona. Every year seems to get a little harder to stay around these parts. I'm not a winter person anymore...not saying I'm a beach guy but I really like comfortable weather. Shad, Murphy and I had a good time in Az. last week and I must thank Will and his father for the hospitality. I hope your wearing those jeans your dad bought for you! Speaking of jeans the shop has all current pant stock at 30% off to make room for all the spring stuff which is arriving all week and next. Don't miss great deals on the holiday, hoodies, jeans and tees for up to 30% off. If the weather has you stuck inside and bored to death let the artist come out in you and create something out of anything. Take a snapshot of your creation and send to us so we can use you as an update on how to not go crazy in this wintery time....not to mention Noel loves that art crap.-

-If your into that art stuff keep checking Rotating Gallery for Sparkling White Unicorns work.

-The Denver Shop would like to congratulate Micah for his much deserved AM status on Crimson. Look for his first ad dropping soon. And Micah, thank you for the Bangarang t-shirt.-

-Greg Harbour was loving life at this moment....but I'm sure soon after he was hating life again.-


-The hombres are back from Arizona and from what I gather the trip was just "ok". The rental car got fucked up, Murphy got smoked the first night, Shad got food poisoning, Tony started drinking soda again, and it rained a few of the days. My sources tell me that the best part of the trip was eating at In-And-Out. Even though that is a pleasant experience, the satisfaction of coming home with a few tricks under your belt is much tastier, maybe next time we shall dine in the cafe of awesome. It was great seeing all of you in here on Saturday for the Tony's-Out-Of-Town-Sale, and it was even better seeing all of you who dressed up for my theme week. There's nothing stronger than a group of leather clad skateboard enthusiasts. As I look out into the parking lot I see a lot of snow and even more broken hearts. The snow generally brings you down, but that's ok, when you come into the Denver Shop whether rain, or snow, or shine, we'll try and make you feel like you're prince charming or even princess Diana...minus the tragic death ending. It's our pleasure serving you folks, even the homeless urine soaked gentleman who tried to fight me in the shop last week, it was a pleasure pushing you out the door. If you're bored with life and it's daunting tasks, come on in where you will be among friends...and other people who stress on life. I'll see you all soon and I hope the snow around all of your hearts melts, to expose a beautiful radiating bloody muscle of emotion.-

-Franny Spain update..........." Sup young bloods, first pics will now be sent via myspace considering that email sucks and won't let me attach more than one, so i'll send you a message and then just check the space. Second, i finally got my chord sent to me (thanks mom) and i have a few update photos. As you can see from the first pic the spots here are THRASHED (extremely), but at the same time everything grinds and slides like it was brand new. I haven't taken a photo of it yet but MACBA at night looks like Denver park does on a saturday night in the middle of summer, only with more drugs, prostitutes, street children and rollerbladers jumping over the same cardboard box for 4 hours. I wont give the other photos away just yet but all i can tell you is that taking a picture of some euro dude's rasta mullet is a difficult task. Hope all is well at the shop, till next time. -Franny. "-

-Ty Bush is a pal of ours out in Arizona who shoots photos and skates every night in his backyard. On this particular night he was taken out of his element and exposed to the streets. Ty, my apologies if I ever made you feel awkward and I hope I see you sooner than later. My new years resolution is to try and be nicer to people and about a year ago when I met Ty for the first time, I asked him some embarrassing questions about his sex life and his southern nether regions, I just wanted to apologize, sorry for making you feel weird if that was the case. But off the record ladies and gentlemen, Ty is a tall glass of water down stairs if you catch my drift. By the way, thanks for shooting photos on the trip Ty, I'll see you soon.-

-There are only a few things I love more in life than photos of dead people, and that's photos of dead cats. There are a lot of dead cats in Arizona and every time I visit there I look forward to seeing their matted carcass hair on the side of the roads, I miss my sweet kitties.-

-I saw Greg Knight at school the other day and he was practicing judo in a grass field all by himself. What's cooler than judo all by yourself you ask, going to a pog convention. Pogs died out in the early nineties, but hopefully with the help of some major financial backers we (The Denver Shop) will be bringing back this cultural phenomenon sooner than you can say "I want your slammer!"-


-School's back in and I've been doing quite a bit of homework already, it's a bummer. You watch, this lack of free time will eventually lead me to the loss of my slappies. It will be a sad day. Well, 21 years ago today I was born in Riverside, California to David and Sheila Boyt. My Mother endured 39 hours of natural labor before I initially entered this world. Tonight I will tempt fate and take 21 shots of Capri Sun at midnight. I will broadcast it live on a web cam from Whitney's basement. Wish me luck. Ehh, speaking of epicness, Tony's going to Arizona this weekend so the whole day on Saturday there will be 20% off everything in the store. We'll call it the tony's-out-of-town-sale. Take advantage of Whitney and myself running the shop for the weekend. I hope to see some new, old, and famous faces in here on Saturday. If Prince, or the artist formally known as Prince is reading this, please come in on Saturday, I'll make it worth your while. Adios amigos!-

-Ben Gardner out of nowhere sent this picture of himself to Whitney's iphone an hour ago and I really don't know what to say about it or him. Photo aside and Ben up front, we haven't seen Ben in a while. Rumors were circulating. 1.He got lost in the Bermuda triangle 2. He fell victim to his anime addiction and could not recover 3. He took up a job as the new Heelys team manager in San Diego. We now find out all were false. He just really likes being that creepy guy who is over 7 and rides the rides at the supermarket. Different strokes for different folks. If that's your pastime, bravo. Our very own Justin Greer personally likes shooting photos of himself on his Mom's digi cam naked wearing wigs...I'm no one to judge and neither are you.-

-This is Shad doing what he does best, fixing up spots to make them skatable. I once saw him quick crete tranny up to a curb so we all could have that extra 3.74% fun that we all want. Shad's 3.74% would be pressure flips and powerslides, fun, fun, fun.-

-Whitney has been on a roll lately; no run ins with the law, on time every night before his Mom's curfew, and smoking fewer cigarettes. I'm proud of him, maybe he'll start landing all the shit he flips down stairs now too.-


-First things first, I'd like to give a "shout out" (so hip hop) to my friend out in Massachusetts, Skyy Ricketts. Skyy recently got his place broken into and was beaten with a fucking brick and is not doing so hot, so I'd like to send him my/our best wishes. Bricks to the face, that should be a band with Skyy on guitar and Fred Gall on drums. Last night it snowed a few inches here so now we all must once again resort to parking garages or paying our paychecks away at the ice skating rink indoor park. Murphy and Tony are out trying to salvage some street spots with snow shovels and ice picks so I'm all alone. So I beg of you internet people, leave your parents basements and come talk skateboarding with me. I will not lie, I'm lonely and my eyes are killing me. I just got Lasek eye surgery and whoever said you'll be back to normal within a day is full of diarrhea. I feel like the new Stevie Wonder...with mobber kick flips. I feel like the new Ray Charles...with worse tranny skills. Speaking of tranny skills, Adam Brown sent me a g-mail last night saying that he's been practicing every night after work on his local mini ramp. Half cab noseslide? Tranny? Surely you gest? Tony, Shad, and Murphy are going to Arizona next week and are leaving me behind to handle the shop and the web site solo style so keep your eyes open for some very inappropriate updates and themed work days in the shop. This up and coming Tuesday will be candy raver themed, Thursday will be Thom of Finland/S&M themed, Friday will be cross dressing themed, and Saturday will be American serial killer themed. Be sure to dress up and swing on by to receive free fruit punch, cookies, and 10% off any purchase! The Sparkling White Unicorn loves you all, goodbye.-

-So I'm looking through all the catalogs that we have piled up at the shop and out of the corner of my eye I see the DC catalog. Children, do you know what DC stands for? Droors Clothing. If any of you know what Droors is or remember back to a time before you were a jaded five o clock shadow rockin' skateboarder with broken knees, please come in so we can reminisce. Anyway, there's a interview in the Catalog with Ryan "hard flip melon grab" Gallant, and in the interview he touches on one of our riders, William "the front flip guy" Spencer. Welp, got that out of the way, now I want to ramble about Gallant leaving Converse shoes at the peak of their skateboarding involvement. Why did he leave? Is Colin McKay a "chiller" dude then the already "hyphy" Chany? Was Felix's "matching clothing to a spot" routine just too much for Gallant? E-mail us as soon as you can Ryan Gallant, these questions need answers!-

-This is a mini montage from that overpriced indoor ice skating rink I mentioned earlier. But you know what is way neater than having indoor parks in and around the area you live in, maximum security prisons in and around the area you live in. Our very own Florence, Colorado is home to the ADX Florence, the only federal supermax prison in the United States. Notable inmates include Ted Kaczynski " the Unabomber", Sammy "the bull" Gravano, "The American Taliban" John Walker Lindh, and so many other sweethearts. I can't wait to go visit and support my local friends down yonder. Have a nice day.-

-Our good friend Franny is out in Spain studying abroad for awhile so he's going to start sending us random updates here and there. From the sounds of this e-mail, these future photos are going to be Europhat! Try not to get hit by anymore cars Franny. "Sup, So i don't know if you check your myspace but I'm retarded and forgot my usb chord for my camera and have to wait for my mom to send it to me. So update pics might be a while but just to let you know there are more dreadlock mullets out here than anything so be prepared for a few flicks of those. Finally got to skate some spots paral lel is sick and there are an infinite amount of marble ledges here. Well say what's up to everyone at the shop. Peace, Fran man"-


-In the past 10 minutes I almost saw 4 car accidents in the parking lot back here. People are getting loco these days, that road rage is no joke. Speaking of jokes, Whitney Wells finally lost his virginity on Saturday night at the age of 23! Congratulations to Whitney and to whoever allowed him to do that to them. I saw Monico at D-park last night and he ollied a 6 year old kid from flat! That's like at least 3 1/2 feet, it was very impressive. Monico shaves his his arms and legs to get mad massive ollie air. Roman Chavez just got back from San Francisco and he has mental powers that are telling him it's going to snow tomorrow, so go skateboard right now while you still can. We still have plenty of Holiday clearance items in the shop in between seasons right now. Watch out for the Spring arrivals coming soon, they'll make your grandma roll over in her grave. I'll see you soon.-

-Josh Murphy burned me some cd's the other day so I'm going to give him a hammer of an update. Why, because you spit hot fire.-

-My Mom brought me back a Mexican wrestling mask from south of the border and now it belongs to Stella.-

-Speaking of dogs, dawgs, and daugs, Shad found this dog in a toilet in Boulder and cleaned it up, now it's the new Spencer mascot. I'm sure it will be three flipping Civic in no time.-


-Hello everyone, I just got back from Seattle and it sure was a pleasant trip. I went and skated with Adam Brown and Anthony Barnes at that indoor park out there, Innerspace I believe. It sure was fun/ridiculously depressing to see all those people killing it up there. They all made me feel old and out of the loop, but hey, I'll blame it on the jet lag and time change..? I also went to GOODS and looked at a bunch of t-shirts, it was pretty nice. I almost bought one, but Adam Brown kicked me out of the shop before I could for lurking under the influence. I'll see you next time Adam!!! In shop news, we got the new Death video with full Melcher and Richie Jackson parts and we also got some new shoes. The shoes I will touch on are the new P.F. Flyers of our time, they will make you skate faster and ollie higher. Can you guess which shoes they are? Call my pager and I'll call you back with the info amigo. Swing on by soon so we all can talk about Chad Knight being in American Gladiators and different ways to make skateboarding hated once again.-

-Monico didn't get the memo I sent him, and it's a blasted shame, because if he knew in advance that there was a gap in the rail it would have spared him a trip to the E.R. for his head trauma that he received.-

-In this clip J-Greer looks like Michael Bolten minus the jerry curl plus the glasses. If I could be any male singer/songwriter I would either be Billy Joel, Warren Zevon, or Meatloaf. What about you?-

-Nathan sent me a money order the other day that was 3 months late from believe it or not, Nova Scotia. Very odd, very odd. Did you know varial flips were invented in Nova Scotia? Varial flipping in Nova Scotia is like playing frisbee golf (Frolf) on a college campus...chew on that and page me in the morning.-


-Welcome 2008.....Lets start with some Nuggets news, Allen Iverson erupted for 38 points and added eight assists against his former team as the Nuggets rolled to a 109-96 triumph over the visiting Sixers on Sunday. Denver has won six of its last seven games.......Noel is now in Seattle and can be found hangin out at Goods or chillin out with Adam Brown. In Other random lame news I seen Chad Knight on American Gladiators last night. Wow.......Is it me or was that shit gay.....Cmon Chad, the spandex, the crotch cup they made you wear and to top it off you lost. Your pass has been officially revoked.-

-Noel hired a new employee who starts today and all Noel told me was "he seems okay".-

-Monico, Greg and Willy are headed to Arizona as we speak. I guess you could say I'm filled with jealous rage........Oh yeah Happy late Birthday Willy.-

-Everyone wants to be a filmer and editor these days.......Chad Lewis is no Exception.-



-Finally I get to update...and of course the first thing I need to touch on is the Nuggets. Let me just say I'm still not convinced. Defense wins championships people! Between you and me, the only reason that Nuggets update got through the corporate pipeline is because there is no Noel Boyt in the office today. He is on some sort of two week epic journey through the bowels of the United States, first stop is Nashville. Noels dream is to urinate in Elvis's bathroom and to show his respects to the Gods of the Country Music Hall of fame. Hey Noel, pictures of you worshipping would be good. Speaking of Noel, I found this little gem and I thought alot of you would like to see some old Noel footy......the title speaks for itself and Ya know what really sucks Noel, we might need to use some of that footy for the vid. The weather around here has been top notch lately perfect for sitting inside and watching videos. If your getting a little sick of the Lakai video, if that is even possible, we received the Static 3 video. Good filming, skating and worth the purchase for spots alone. And speaking of purchases Murph Dogg, which is what he wants to be called now, has been spotted rollin in a brand new Honda Civic and quoted "pimpin ain't easy"......... I've been hearing about B-Gar sightings, is it true, could it be a come back? Or is it the Paul Walsh kinda comeback.....only time will tell. Keep your heads up kiddies the weather gets better by the end of next week. Go skate a parking garage and not woodward you pussies! Nothing creates more street cred than slamming your palms on the concrete when its 10 below......Enjoy the New Year people and we will connect next year.-

-Just another Denver Park Montage.-




-Another lag on the updates due to the holiday shopping craze and me being on a fucking 9 day bender. The blizzard of 2008 has yet to hit, but the sky is still crapping ice storms onto us left and right. I paid money the other day to skate in an indoor park that was packed full of kids 9 and under doing fly outs into my face and I had a another moment of clarity...over it. I'm going back to the parking garages where I was born. In shop news, Josh Murphy's on Heroin, shooting it and skating it, Whitney Wells is waiting for a call back from the Gonz to get on Adidas, Shad Spencer got tonsillitis, Nathan Fantasia is dating strippers, and I've been playing Scrabble a lot lately. We also finally got our new shop shirts in and on the market which lead to killer boosts in stock from 7:36 p.m. last night til now...not to mention they're for sale here too, at the shop! We'll have extended hours on Sunday from 10a.m.-7p.m. and on Christmas eve from 10a.m. til 4p.m. Updates will be back to normal next week or so, but until then, sleep tight, because the more you ignore us the closer we get. There's a war outside your Christmas ladies and gentlemen.-

-I hadn't seen Whitney for like a month and then out of nowhere he came into the shop blaring that song "Informer" by that Canadian rapper Snow on his Ipod and I was like "heizeus christo alahhhhh, this shit makes death sound like a fair alternative." By the way, Snow fakes a Jamaican accent when he's fucking awful.-

-This is Tyler's version of "the underage passion queen"...on a ledge. I miss you Tyler, come back to us. If you were a song you would be "Dirty Diana" by Michael Jackson.-


-My dearest apologies for the update lag, I have finals at the university of college and the shop is in total holiday mode so there's not a lot of time for hyphy typey time. As far as shop news goes, Guy Mariano finally got us that footage he promised us over a year ago and yes people, Guy Mariano is now on the Denver welcome to the team Guy. That heroin induced five years felt like ten. I guess Axion footwear's monthly checks were worth five years of crank...thanks Kareem Campbell!!! Now look at ol' Reem, his sponsors are Destructo and Nixon watches...fuckin' ehh, where did you go wrong? You should have opened up that premium lifestyle denim store when you had the idea and the dough man! No joke though, Reem's part in Trilogy was phatty phat, but we all know Ronnie Creager stole that show. Or maybe Josh Kasper stole that show with all those benihannas or was it Clyde Singleton with all those fakie tricks on four stair rails, You tell me!!! Speaking of strolls down memory lane, I dug in the old hard drive and pulled out this golden nugget only to find it was fools gold. Nevertheless, Nathan stomped it and that's street cred in my book people, legit or legit?-

-Our customers are an eclectic group of people and we love them all. Whether it's the drunken Mom challenging my knowledge of skateboarding, or the cracked out Tyrone Biggums wanting to buy some patches, or the random youth that wander the carpet in this never never land. Here's one of our regulars (Austin) showing us his break dancing moves and me showing him that I'm an old man and I can't match the rubber limbs of the future. I had to forfeit this dance off due to a muscle spasm in my neck though so, Austin, you my friend are the breakin' king of the shop.-

-This is the December montage of throw away footage and all I have to say is when you're at the bottom at least you know which way is up baby! If this montage was a album it would be some early nineties christian rock shit or Dr. Dre's "The Chronic', chew on that and call me in the morning.-


-It's here!!! Fully Flared has arrived and pretty much everyone is still in a catatonic state, luckily I awoke from mine to type this update for everybody. I'm not going to say anything about the video, if you skate, you's everything that your wildest dreams could comprehend and create. Come in and be the first person in your suburb to urinate yourself in your parents basement due to visual overload. Besides the video of the decade dropping, we have some new Vans, 'es kicks, Emerica joints, and fresh Nikes all in the shop waiting for your Mom to pick up. Not to mention the new Mariano from Lakai is here if you want that special someone to have a themed holiday season. We'll see you soon, I love you all.-

-Michael Crimp? Did Greg Knight bribe you with some dank nugs or are you just into that guy? Well, either way, you asked for more G-Knight via e-mail, we got it Michael! Come into the shop and identify yourself some time man, I'll introduce you to Tony Mellick, our owner and a person who everyone wants to see footage of. Instant fan base syndrome-

-My good friend Mike Fork loves The Denver Shop, and we love him. He sent me some weird photos the other night online and this was the most website appropriate one. So ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, a man who takes his last name from a story involving a stabbing with a fork one Thanksgiving a long time friend, Mike Fork. Tell everyone hello at Coliseum for us, and to update their website!-

-Every now and then I randomly send actual mail, not e-mail, but through the post office, and every now and then, the people who receive your mail do odd things with the put your letters and drawings in Low Card magazine. This month's issue has loose scraps from letters I sent to the Low Card headquarters in San Francisco, and what this prompted was me writing reviews for them and so forth. Pick up a "Negotiator" before it picks you up..?-



-The snow finally melted and we're out doing wallrides on the side of the shop in the alley for good measure. During the first wallride my legs were so numb it felt like I was floating...floating on walls. Speaking of bad acid trips, the new Krooked video Naughty just came in and it was so "naughty" it had me vomiting rainbows. When I came to I was Jonah in Jonah and the Whale but it was more than a dream, I was a star, a star that shines and shines and shines. Naughty is primarily filmed on cell phone cameras and digi cams, it's pretty awesome. Some of the shit was pretty rad, Van Wastell made the one legged skater formally known as John Comer look like a chump bitch and the Gonz made Paul Machnau look like a X-Games bronze medallist. Oh yeah, and that suicide bomber modeling the new Krooked jacket and the Low Card mask, yeah, that's me chomo! I want you all to check the updates, drink some water, and weather permitting, go out side, and just skateboard up or down whatever terrain you have as fast as you can. Push and push and push until you feel like you're going to fucking die. And when you feel like you're dying say it out loud, say "why the fuck do I do it? I do it for those who fucking can't!"-

-This has nothing to do with this clip, but, I have to get this out...Santa Cruz rides for Alex Moul, not the other way around. Okay, just needed to get that off my chest. On with the local sesh sesh. This is Franny getting loco loco at Peoria. This is because Franny just got hit by a car last week and I needed to pay my respects. I'll pour some orange soda out on the curb for you brodahhhhh!-

-What's more punk rock oi oi than jumping straight to your face? Not alot. Harbour proves he is truly French Canadian...minus the hockey stick.-


-47 hours ago Julien Stranger called me and asked if we had the new COLOR magazine in yet, I answered yes and then automatically found myself in a coma like state. I was awakened by the scent of Stranger making pancakes and the painful sensation of hot candle wax being poured onto my eye lids, but enough about my sex life. Weird though isn't it? At least it wasn't Jeremy Klein coming back for round 2, jeesh! Take a hint Jeremy, you're off the team! Anime, vodka, and cock rings don't mix. Some things that do in fact mix well together though are the Denver Shop and COLOR magazine. COLOR is a quarterly skateboard culture magazine with hilarious and insightful writing, great photos, and wonderful art. Be sure to get yours soon, we're the only carrier in Denver! Besides that, Mike Carroll just texted me back and confirmed that the Lakai video is on its way. We already got all of the new Fourstar gear that he said was "a must for this b-boys season", but personally, all I need is a Guy Mariano part to keep me warm this winter (weird?). He also texted me some creepy childhood photos of him and Henry Sanchez playing cowboys and indians...odd?!?!?!?! On a closing note, I would like to thank all of the people visiting the site everyday, we appreciate your interest and loyalty, we love you all.-

-I just tapped into the old hard drive with all the footage from Hollarado and it brought back a lot of memories, mostly ones involving sweat, screaming, hair loss, and stomach pains, but man, it sure was fun (sigh). Talk about old footage, here's Whitney doing a manual trick, I mean holy christo bless my heart!-

-J-Greer didn't use to listen to metal? Tall tees? Myspace, a place for friends? Working a job? Yes, all of this was the case once upon a midnight dreary, but dark times have fallen and they are bitterly cold.-

-Whoaaaaa! I found this in the depths of satan's rectum, footage in a light pink shirt of Lorenz before the broken arm, ayooooo! Not to mention before the Dr. Weird Beard phase in his life...what prompted that Ryan?-

-I found this gem in Tyler's folder and I guess we didn't use this originally because it was filmed 10 feet away at the top of the rail, but hey, a doozy of a trick I must say. Back in the day this wasn't called a "over crook", it was called a Gersh grind, can you guess why? Yes, you guessed it, Gershon Mosley folks. Another interesting fact about good old Gershon, he knocked out Andrew Reynolds' teeth once. I heard it was because Reynolds wanted to be on Globe or Gershon wanted to get on Birdhouse or something, that all makes sense...right?-


-Thanksgiving was yesterday and I celebrated as good as I could knowing those blasted Europeans raped this fine land and people some years ago. It was hard to swallow my food with that giant lump in my throat and my eyes all teary, but hey, I enjoy warm food when I can get it. I heard a conspiracy theory not too long ago that prompted there were also aliens at the first Thanksgiving meal with the indians and the pilgrims, but the pilgrims scared off the aliens when they started trying to push their beliefs onto them. That doesn't sound too outragerous...right? Black Friday at The Denver Shop = nice parking in the back, no giant crowds, new videos quietly serenading your wander, and warmth and shelter from this weather pattern we call HELL!!! Thank goodness it's snowing because I love feeling like acid is eating away at my knee caps. We're having a contest at the shop and through the site right now. Whoever can send us the most weird, gross, or surprising senior picture will receive a Denver Shop deck at the end of the month. The contest is running till the end of December, good luck. I hope to see you all sooner than later, happy e-mailing friends!-

-For those of you who know, you know who you are, and you know why this is funny on so many levels. Mainly it's funny because Joseph Abarca, Joe Bear, Meatball, Pear, whatever you want to call him, isn't really Mommy's little angel. Spill the beans Joey...-

-Despite many arguments and many hours of debate, we've come to the conclusion that Monico hates being nice all the time. All those years, all those smiles, the hours and hours of community service reading books to deaf people and showing blind people how to paint, yes, they were all false. He finally broke down the other day and told Tony and I that he "did it all for the chicks." Well, there's really nothing too wrong with that Monico, you're just looking out for #1 and if that means faking a smile here and there to get your hair did so be it.-

-Skateboarding ruined/saved Tony Mellick's life!?!?!?!?!?-

-Between pounding 40's and myspacing random girls ages 15-27, Whitney is filming throw away shit. Oooops, was that mean? I have no place to talk, I'm the new fucking Chris Nieratko for goodness sakes!-


-Well, the new site is 3 days strong and the general feedback we are getting is pretty positive. No one has written us saying they're going to kill themselves or anything yet, so that's pleasant. As far as shop news goes, believe it or not Carmelo Anthony came into the shop the other day looking for some shoes, but unfortunetly we didn't have the new Dunk in a size 17 1/2, Sorry Melo! Speaking of tall, dark, and handsome arrivals in the shop, we just got some new UARM shirts in here and let me just say, you my friend will be the only hombre at school with a satanic dragon Neck Face hoody this fine season. Neck Face himself was so hyped to hear we were getting the hoodies and shirts that he left me an e-mail at 2 a.m. preaching some jibber jabber about him coming to "hit up" our shop. I don't know if this will be in flesh or spray paint form so keep your ears open and your eyes peeled. The Habitat video just showed up and boy oh boy they did it again! They really have that whole Northeast urban/one with nature feel down to a science...brown chordaroy pants, check, hand knitted beanie, check, bombing a hill with loose trucks while being filmed in 8mm format, check! I love Fred Gall! I love Fred Gall! A early Christmas present arrived from the Skateboard Mag and wow oh wow was it a surprise. They gave us a update on their site with a link to our site and our new teaser, thank you skateboarding magazine industry big wig whoever you are. Maybe we're not as hated as we thought...maybe. Goodbye for now, come visit me when I'm working either Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday, we can discuss the Weather Underground or Leon Golub, goodbye.-

-Brian Anderson calls me up saying he needs Nate's footage for the Nike $skateboarding video a.s.a.p. and I told him to cool his jets. I shot him 18 minutes of hammer footage and he shot me back a text that read "thnx bro ur gr8 gr8". 18 minutes of hammer footage and that's all I got back, thanks for nothing Nike, I know you guys pay your Vietnamese slave workers more than I got...ruthless bastards! Here's some Fantasia throw away that wasn't good enough for Brian "Banana Fingers" Anderson.-

-Paul Walsh skipped out when his Mother was sleeping and did this feeble with a house arrest ankle accessory on. Not bad for a guy on house arrest eh?!!??!?! A little side note for you, I went on a road trip with Walsh once and he got a trick and Whitney didn't, end of story, haaaaaaa!-

-I suppose Tyler had a realization, a moment of clarity if you will, that skating big shit all the time is monotonous, so he took it back to the fun realm, where you didn't have to worry about breaking your femur. The crookie monster is the ollie one footer of our generation..?-

-This clip needs no caption, no introduction, nothing, this is William "The Mile High Ninja" Spencer.-


-"Out with the old and in with the new!" is exactly what Eric Koston said when he heard we were redoing our website (or maybe that was when he left 'es for Lakai???). Anyway, that's besides the point, the point is that Koston isn't the only person excited about the new site, we've been receiving e-mails left and right, all day and all night, from Timbuktu to Katmandu. I mean for goodness sakes, Jerry Hsu called me up the other night wasted off one too many fuzzy navels at 3 in the morning demanding some new quicktime updates, get ahold of yourself Jerry! He was totally like "Noel dude, like serious dude, (sigh) I love those updates man, come on drop another ehh...". This was later followed by Jerry telling me his life story, while crying, and while in in Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch?!?!?!?! Weird night to say the least, but enough about my schizophrenia disorder, welcome to the new, improved and magnificent Denver Shop site. We're still trying to fix up the team section and some other features, but otherwise we hope you all enjoy the new look. Besides working on the website, we've been livin' lovida loca bringing new brands into the shop that no other shops in Colorado offer. We've also been battling with our teamates rehab schedules so they all can go out and jump off buildings or flip in and out of rails. We want to put out the best video we can and if that means hurting peoples feelings, so be it. I mean, when Josh Murphy showed up Heath Kirchart last summer stomping 27 consecutive late shoves down Hollywood 16 there was no guilt in his heart. We all knew Kirchart wanted that to be his hammer in The End, but I mean Heath, you didn't even stomp one! Or when Whitney Wells fifty fifty'd that crazy serpent rail WITHOUT a launch ramp that Tyrone Olsen "did" in The Storm, he did not blink twice. All I shall leave you with is our new teaser and a personal promise, that I will try my hardest to fulfill my duties as head Denver Shop website wizard from this day forward...and to become the new Dave Carnie. Once again, welcome...-

-Roman Chavez asked me awhile ago to write a article about Denver/Colorado for some Thrasher gig he was shooting photos for, and now roughly 2 years later here I am writing this. Who ever is in charge over there at Thrasher, whether it be Marblehead's own Jacob Phelps the II or Boulder, Colorado's own Michael Burnett the IV, please run the article so Roman and I can get paid. We are both starving artists.-

-This is Greg "French Canadian Oi! chant" Harbour doing a identical line that Josh Murphy did at a different spot 2 years ago. What's the major difference you ask, stance and haircuts my friends. If you can name what video Josh's line WAS in, you will win free hugs for a year from Josh Murphy himself every time you come into the shop. A hint you simply beg, why yes, it was a Colorado shop video other than ours, enjoy your hunt.-

-We tagged along on the latter half of a recent Krooked tour and I begged Gonz to film a line involving a no comply trick and a flip trick, but he was complaining that his socks had gone bad so therefore his skateboarding would follow. All I want to say is this line wouldn't have been possible without the help of Jeff Hackworth and his intense friendship with Bobby Worrest and his now unmentionable connection with Van Wastel (weird?!?!?!).-