-Alot of good stuff in the shop for the last holiday shopping weekend...First, from Lakai The Final Flared is here. This is a 3 disc set, one being HD and the others being the original video and a disc of out takes. This DVD is a must for that core video collector. If you look to the right you will see a new Denver Shop deck designed by local Artist Max Kauffman. Go check out some of his other art work and support your local art scene. Also to the right are the New Denver Shop hoods. All of these items are the perfect X-Mas gift and they are selling quick so don't miss out on them. Don't forget our video premier for "In Color" is only 10 days away. There are two shows, 7:30 and 9:00 pm, @ the Mayan theater and tickets go for $8 bucks......We will have the video for sale at the premier as well. Cost will be $10.00 and along with "In Color" the DVD will also come with Hollarado. Super good deal if I say so myself. Paul Walsh just came in.....this should be good......and wait a it true...yes, Tonka is walking up the alley as I type. I gotta go and see if he and Monico found Animal Chin. From the core, for the core.-

-A big congratulations goes out to Grant Hammel for graduating from college this week.....Good luck finding a job!-

-Another big congrats goes out to Ashley and Ryan Lorenz who set a date for their Wedding. I heard something about it being held at Woodward and they will recite their vows while doing simultaneous rocks to fakie on the mini-ramp.....I think I'll skip the wedding and crash the reception.-

-10 days till Noel Boyt is back....any Whiskey will do folks.-

- A bitter cold Tuesday update.....Our town is covered in snow and its not looking good for the rest of the week. The weather has made me a very depressed man lately. Murphy flew out Sunday to visit Noel in Seattle, and instead of escaping the cold he just relocated to the cold in a different town....hahaha......Monico and Tyler are due back today or tomorrow. I'm sure we won't hear the end of how much cooler Cali is than Colorado. I guess we'll see how much cooler it is when that fukin state falls in the ocean....wishful thinking I guess. Joey just came in and I'm sure that dude from the Hot Dog spot is gonna come talk shit about him being parked in the back parking lot. We have a confirmed date on the Girl and Chocolate signing, January 12th @ 7:00pm in the here. The Nuggets are killing it. Its crazy, they actually play defense and make that extra pass and Melo is actually rebounding and passing. They beat up on Dallas last night and we play Houston tonight....from the core, for the core.-

-I really wish Walsh could've pulled off more footage for "In Color", but this is the kind of shit he would do at spots.-

-Whitney blew it.......-

-Again, this is your local Girl and Chocolate representative.-

-That's a wrap on In Color. We all worked very hard on this production and we hope everyone will be satisfied. The premier is Monday December 29th @ the Mayan Theater. There are two shows, 7:30 and 9:00 pm sharp. Support your local scene by attending.......I hope to see everyone there......In other shop related news there will be a Girl and Chocolate autograph signing in the shop that first week of January. Koston and Biebel are just a few of the Pros who will be in attendance. I will follow up with exact date and time soon.....Monico and Tyler are still on a search for Animal Chin and due back around the 16th or 17th of December. Last I heard their search had landed them in SF......I was one of the dumb shits that ordered that fight last night. De la Hoya looked old and slow but in the end looked very rich.
....Speaking of asses getting beat, the Nuggets embarrassed the Kings last night on there home court. I'm super stoked on how the Nuggets look this year, lets just hope they keep it up for the entire season. So with that go skate and enjoy this 60 degree Sunday. For the core, from the core.-

-Here's a clip of Nathan from a recent New York trip.....I wish I could of used this in the video but it was given to me to late in the game.-

-A car or a skateboard.....or both.-

-"I'm over skateboarding. These get me more chicks anyway." - Justin Greer-

-STILL EDITING........Here's a lesson for all you up and coming video makers. With video anything unexpected that can happen will happen, especially when your deadline is 24 hours. Come back soon.-


-Sorry for the lag of updates but editing has taking over my life the last few weeks and its still looking very hectic for a few more so please, bare with us......The Nugs have won three in a row with Billups and they go for four tonight against Lebron James. Mr. Boyt made my day this week. First with a post card....vulgar or art? How about vulgart. And secondly, He got his ticket for the premier, so yes Mr. Boyt will be grazing us with his appearance on December 29th. I'm trying to get him to do an autograph signing so keep your fingers crossed....Monicos hiding out in Albuquerque......Tonka left for Arizona today to join some weird Indian clan in the dessert. This would explain his sudden change of appearance lately. Nathan Got a two page spread in the new Skateboarder.....I'm sure there is more but my mind is working in cuts and dissolves right now. Go skate today because looks shitty for Friday. For the core, From the core.-

-A lot has happened since we last chatted....We have set a premier date for the next Denver Shop production. MONDAY DECEMBER 29th @ the Mayan Theater with two shows, 7:30 and 9:00. More event promotion will follow. Halloween came and went but Monicos costume didn't. He liked the look so much he added it to his persona, and a big bravo to Tonka for hitting Harbour dead on. The Nuggets shocked the NBA community this week with the Iverson/Billups trade. I still don't know how to feel about this trade, and I felt the same way when Iverson came here. Sure Iverson is one of the best top ten players of all time but he really didn't help us out with the playoff mishaps that the Nuggets endure year after year. I still vote for a new coach or even better a new front office. Speaking of change, we now have a new President. Do you feel better? Is the sun shining brighter? Is your ollie higher? If your bored go to the Element site and vote for our friend Morgan Cope
. If he wins The Bam and The Vallely will come to his Birthday party this year. I have to go now, editing is calling. From the core, for the core.-

-Nothing ever good comes from 52 wheels and super glued fisheyes.-

-If you choose to poop in the shop bathroom and you know the rule is you can,t, expect to be called out.-

-Late night editing session equals early morning bathroom sessions.-

-I spoke to Mr. Boyt the other day and he is very irritated with the lack of updates on my part. So this is a pressure type update...let me know if you can feel the difference. It's Tuesday and boy are we in for a world of shit. First, Christmas has officially been cancelled.....but that could be a good thing. Secondly, the weatherman is calling for snow tonight and into tomorrow morning. On a brighter note its suppose to be super nice over the weekend so keep your head up. Have you checked out the new Transworld? Greg Harbour has a well deserved Check-Out. And the new 1031 video, in which Greg has a full part, should be here Friday.
Brandon and justin are still working the bathrooms at a strip club. Tonka is unemployed and lovin every minute of it. William is back in California. Shads back at the Hornet(best nachos in town). Steven and Tyler have been settling into our little dysfunctional family quite well. Monicos basking in the light of pretty much being done with his video part. Greg Knight completely forgot we where even making a video. Joey finally got his package so he's happy for a few days. Nathan is 10 deep. Murphy's leaving the nest. And Whitney and I are editing slaves.....For the core, from the core.-

-We skate the spot, they live at the spot.-

-This is a clear case of Whitney abusing Stella when I'm not around.-

-Here comes winter again and with a 3 week deadline its not looking good.........Speaking of the cold, the athletic shoe retail giant, Footlocker, has bought CCS and is attempting a hostile takeover of The Denver Shop as we speak.....look out mall here we come. Honestly who fukin buys shit out of those CCS catalogs. I for sure never did. So now if you order through that shit you will be supporting a corporate monster hiding behind the pages of DC Shoes and Sheckler boards.....Speaking of corporate, Monico and Tyler have been busy all week taking down the big bowl over at Woodward Super Skateboard Park INC. No word on what will replace it....I vote for a Hubba Hideout replica. And maybe they could change it out every so often to represent another famous or fun spot.......wait a minute, maybe I should open an indoor park.....stay tuned. For the core, from the core.-

-Have you been to Pueblo? I'm sure you have drove through it. Ya know that town after Colorado Springs with 4 exits.-

-Warning, determination and deadlines can create stress.-

-September is out and October is in.......30 days to figure out that original epic costume that no one would ever think about, good luck with that. Tonka gets back today and I'm hoping there's another shitting the bed story. We should have the Toebock video any day and Tonka has, deservingly, last part. We still have a few of the AZ. video "Happy Medium" and the Minneapolis video "Boondoggle" in stock. Good skating, spots and a John Motta part.....what are you waiting for? This is a big month for the Shop Family. First, Harbours 1031 video part premiers in California on Halloween. Secondly, the deadline for footage for the new shop video is October 31st and a premier date will soon be announced. And last but not least, The Denver Shop would like to welcome two new family members. Steven Gritz and Tyler Van Duyn.......blood in blood out.-

-I think Murphy has an idea for a costume this Halloween.-

-Ben and Harbour, when destinies intertwine worlds collide.-

-Ladies and Gentleman, this is your local Girl and Chocolate Rep getting Fully Flared..........Rick or Megan, we need to talk.-

-Noel Boyt is alive.........."So it's been some time since I last had something on the Denver Shop site and I must say it feels great to be back! Driving up to the Northwest from Denver sure was a hectic chore. Wyoming eats shit, Idaho sucked butt, and Utah was a dingleberry state. I really only started having fun once I entered Oregon. We ended up in Cannon Beach where "The Goonies" was filmed. It was pretty neat I guess. From there we went to Portland and we stayed there for a few days. I skated Burnside quite a bit and learned very quickly how fucking brutal that place is. All the tranny is fucked there, either totally tight, kinked, or just straight up cheese grater. It seemed like you were trying to skate a street spot rather than a park, but it was really fun. That wall that Cardiel tail dropped into was not cool, that's some serious shit right there. Anyway, now I'm in Seattle amongst the hip and/or the hop. I've been skating Marginal Way lately and I'm pretty much loving it. If I'm not there I'll be out trying to film or something but lately it's been a bust everywhere we've gone. Oh well. Besides that I've been drawing a lot and sending mail to people. I tried to send the Unabomber some mail in prison, but the letter was sent back. I also tried to find a address where I could send mail to Osama Bin Laden, but there was nothing on his current address online. Hopefully I'll be back out to visit Denver soon, but until then everyone should go skate Denver Park for me because I miss that place. Midwest for life! Thick as thieves, Noel Sinclair Boyt".-

-I wouldn't watch this if your lactose intolerant.-

-I've spoken to many of Greg's peers and we all agree.......He's gone funk on us.-

-Wow its already been a week since the last update......I'm excuse I guess. The weather has been epic the last couple of weeks perfect to get your skate fix in before the winter wonderland kicks in....God I'm not looking forward to winter. Monico has returned from California and Tonka should be back this week. I guess the promise land wasn't all that it promised. Speaking of Tonka if you haven't checked out his MagMinute than you should....and will someone please hook this man up already! And oh yeah, look out for "The Beauty and Beast" tour dvd arriving this Friday.....For the core, from the core.-

-I know these kids from Aurora............-

-Murphy is making the move from Thornton to Denver in a month. I can't wait to put my shoes on his couch.-

-This is a gang I might be interested in, just not sure what the initiation is.-


-The stock market plummets 500 points, unemployment is the worse its been in 8 years, gas is hovering around 4 bucks a gallon, and to top it off the war continues........GO SKATE.-

-I found another 10Deep thingy with Nathan.-

-I would give anything to know exactly what G-Knight is thinking about in this photo.-

-The Greer brothers, Justin and Brandon, are now bathroom attendants at a fine gentleman's (all nude) club......I might pitch this as a sit-com for NBC's next fall line-up.-

-What are Wednesdays good for? Maybe the thought that friday is around the corner or even better, that Monday is behind you. First call of the day today was some dude from echo clothing asking how to contact William Spencer, I actually think he used the coined phrase "Mile High Ninja". Thanks Thrasher. Paul Walsh turns 21 this Friday.....I'm scared and you should be too. The Girl/Anti-hero collaboration tour video should be out in a couple of weeks. The inside scoop is that there will be a Girl edit and an Anti-hero edit on the same disc.....delicious. Random's at the spot can either make or break your day. Now go skate. From the core, for the core.-

-Sometimes just getting to the spot without incident is hard.-

-I found this 10 Deep promo with Nathan skating some park.-

-Joey finds time to finish his homework on a filming mission......Joe, I'm not sure Tonka is the best guy to ask for help with your math.-

-Winter is on its way around here, only so much time left before we are covered in the white stuff.........I guess the big news is the tragic death of Van Wastell? I just got off the phone with Brad, my DLX rep, and he says they are gonna continue to sell his newly released Pro board, and with the help of his parents, donate proceeds to a suitable charity. The shop will receive a couple of the boards this week, one is mine and the other is up for grabs. On a lighter note, the first Bronco game is tonight, Monday night game against the Raiders, should be good. In team related news, Tyler leaves for Cali tomorrow and Monico is already out there....Now go skate for Van.....For the core, from the core.-

-Here's Nate and Chad with a proper execution of the give and go......Doesn't Chad remind you of that guy from the x-games with a weird name.-

-This made me laugh.....out loud.-

-Fridays always feel good, and photos of Tonka sweating do to. In other feel good news, Harbour is now working at Einstein Bagels.....can you imagine? A big
congrats go out to Angel Ramirez for officially going pro, bravo!. I know there is probably more going on around here than that but I have to go film....Now go skate for those who can't...from the core for the core.-

-Rejoice, the DNC is over, we get our town back.-

-Mason, sorry I had to beat you in "SKATE". I found this for you, look it over and we can have a rematch.-


-The end of August usually means the end of summer....Schools in....Its getting darker a little earlier.......So sad, isn't it. We had our last skatecamp of the year yesterday and I would like to thank all the team, companies who donated product and friends who helped make this another successful skatecamp. We had a gathering to celebrate the end of summer and these are only a few of many photos that are going to clog my email this week. As I receive you will be updated
. The Democratic Convention officially starts today and there is an abundance of military aircraft over our town already, highways are closed and swat teams are cruising they know something we don't?-

-This line still isn't good enough to get Justin off probation.-

-This is what scientist are up to theses days.-

-White pants look good on no is the proof.-