-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-

-Holiday Update!

-Lots of happenings since the last update. Noel's Manik party went off without a cinch. I wish we had photos to show you but we were too busy eating pizza and sippin' on grape Kool-Aid to take any. Monico and Tyler are back in town for the holidays. Next week a couple of us are venturing to Albuquerque, New Mexico to skate some new spots and hang out with some old friends. Should a be a good and productive time, hopefully we'll have something to show you when we get back.

-I tried to go out filming with Whitney the other day. After we got kicked out of the spot I wanted to skate, we checked out this little gem on the Cherry Creek Trail. Whitney broke my Zip-Zinger, but I'll be getting a new one soon!

-Do you ever skate with someone who always had headphones? Not only do headphones take away from the camaraderie that should be experienced amongst friends skateboarding together, but I always wonder what that person is listening to. Skull Blaster has solved all my problems. Next time you must have some tunes to help you land your noseslide to fakie, wear a Skull Blaster. That way the viewer can experience your awesome trick and the Slipknot you're bumping all at once.

-Haven't seen or heard from William in a long time. He has a cult following though. And his cult watches television. And when they watch television, they watch G4 TV. G4 TV has programming geared towards "gamers", but they also host shows such as "Cops" and "American Ninja Warrior", or ANW to real fans. It so happens that William made it onto an episode of ANW, and although we didn't happen to see it live, that's what YouTube is for. The mile-high skate ninja has progressed into an American ninja warrior.

-I'm gone. We'll have news for you post-Albuquerque.

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-It's been hostile and bitter out here in Colorado, which is why I've been laying low on web updates. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, so here I am with some real gems.

-I've been talking to Noel a lot lately. Seattle's weather is just as cold as ours lately, although they lack the snow we have. Lucky bastards. Noel has been busy moving into a new apartment, waking up victim to a hit on run on his beloved Civic, creating designs for northwestern black metal bands and Comune clothing, and watching Harry Potter. All these things, for better or worse, have been keeping the man heavily occupied. Clearly we are all so proud of Noel here at The Shop, or maybe we just like pizza, kool-aid, and holiday 10% off sales. But either way, we are having a party for Noel here at The Denver Shop on Saturday from 12p to 4pm with the previously mentioned refreshments and discounts. While I am still unsure if the party is for Noel's benefit or our own, we would love your (yes, you, the reader) presence here on Saturday. See the flyer to the right.

-I haven't seen Shad in quite a while, but I can only assume he's up to good things when I see great photos like this.

-Before the weather did turn to shit, we had been going out somewhat frequently. Ryan Lybarger was on a wrecking spree. Did he do something better after this warm-up nosegrind? Time will tell.

-Apparently Justin had been gone in California for sometime. I didn't really notice because when Justin is in town he stays in his Aurora home playing video games, and maybe ventures to Trails park, which are two places I wouldn't be caught dead. Justin goes where he went before, backside flipping another channel not nearly gnarly as the one in his In Color part. Good to have you back Justin.

-Until next time friends!

-Hello fellow web surfers, it's good to feel your double clicks. Considering it won't get above 20 degrees today I'm sure you'll be double clicking all day. Sorry about the lag of updates but I've been quite busy doing nothing, and we all know how much time that takes up. With that said let's get right down to today's gossip column. Murphy's 20th birthday was yesterday, when I ask him how the celebration went he simply responded, "the good, the bad and the ugly." I took the good as Jesse making out with a 50 year old cougar. The bad was when Joey threw Murphy's cake in his face and Murphy proceeded to give Joey one of those Thornton beat downs. And I guess the ugly would be the fact that Joey won't accept Murphs apology. Honestly, it all sounds good to me......Ever since Joey moved to Denver he's not claiming Aurora anymore, but me and Walsh still are....Boy did that Berrics Unified thing blow up in Berras grill. Now I was hyped when I seen the video, but I was super bummed when I got the info and realized there was a fee to be considered a "good shop"....Here's a little lesson Steve Berra, core is poor.....Whitney is officially working at Urban Outfitters. The name alone makes me want to vomit, and lets not forget they frisk the employees after their shifts are complete. Is that even legal?-

-Hot X-Mas gift item #2.-

-Here's how the search for Animal Chin is going for the boys, and keep in mind that Justin has a permanently bruised heal, Steven is homesick and Brandon's hair is falling out.-

-Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the best part of this holiday is the ability to skate spots that are otherwise shut down. Like that perfect marble ledge at your local downtown government building. So instead of taking the easy way out and hitting your local skatepark take it to the streets this holiday. Believe me, landing that back lip on street is much more gratifying than at your local skatepark. If you look to your left you will see the Black Friday sale that we are having, 20% off everything in the store Friday and Saturday.....don't miss out on this!-

-Mr. Boyt's been active on the club scene, check it.-

-X-Mas is only a month away and figuring out presents for those hard to please in your family can be a drag. So for the next couple weeks, or until I'm over it, I will help you with gift ideas for that hard to please person. Today's hot gift item is the "Euro Club".-

-This is the last of Brandon's summer skatepark X dew tour huck huck boom slam downtown jam courtesy of Castle Rock.-

-Let this seep in that thick skull of yours go learn Miller Flips. That's it, nothing more today.-

-Holy s#*t, it's already November. Where did the time go? It has been a while since our last encounter and I must apologize. But you see I'm a firm believer in the quality not quantity concept, so if I have nothing to say than why force it.....Tonka, Brandon, Justin and Steve are leaving over the weekend for The 2nd annual "Animal Chin Search". This epic journey will take them through Albuquerque, Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego and the city of angeles. We wish you guys luck, and even if you don't find Chin this time at least you won't have to deal with this shit.....
Greg Knights in town, I haven't seen him yet but I know he's here. William has found steady work on a Disney skateboard show with the likes of Mike York and Sammy's true, I can't make shit like that up. Nuggets won a close one last night to end a two game losing streak. They are 3-2 on this 6-game road trip and their back at it tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks @ 6pm. Not much else for ya today kiddies.....oh yeah, here's some photos of the "Shards" flying. Speaking of Shardy, I would really like to hate on this but I can't. If it was anyone else I could've!-

-Quote of the week, "I tried that on acid once." Will Lamar discussing emage 20.-

-Bottom line, all these skateparks are turning our lifestyle into shit. Lets not forget what happened to snowboarding.-

-48 hours straight with snow falling, 12-20 inches in warming my ass! On the bright side the weather is suppose to turn around for the weekend so go shovel that ledge today and you'll be able to back lip it tomorrow. Halloween is saturday. Do you have that costume planned out? If so come in the shop wearing that perfect costume tomorrow and receive 25% off any purchase. It's Nuggets time again and we look good....well as good as a team can look two games in. Melo has trimmed down and with his 30 points on Wednesday and his 40 last night things are looking good. Speaking of basketball, Joey's been working on his skills and he might have a chance with the Nuggets squad considering how Anthony Carters been shooting. Lots of new product in the shop and that means lots of older product on sale....get in here and take advantage....dress for less, plus I'd love to see you! So with that said I'll leave you with this throwaway Montage Brandon produced for your viewing pleasure.-

-The weekend has arrived and so has Where the Wild Things Are.....Go see it and support Adam Spiegel. If that's not your cup of tea you could check out the premier of the new Thrasher movie, "Under The Bridge". All proceeds go to Colorado's one and only D.I.Y. skatepark in Bennett. Thanks to Tim Mott for giving tons of his free time to make Bennett a reality. Head up there sometime, bring a bag of concrete and build something with your bros.....quit bitching, start building! Saturday is the grand opening of the Roxborough Village Metropolitan District skatepark.....There will be food and giveaways so come out and skate for a few before you hit up those weekend street spots. The Flip video will arrive today. Make sure to get in here and pick up your copy for that basement premier. That's all I got today kiddies. I will leave you with this......I hate this spot and it doesn't matter what tricks go down, it won't be in my video. So there Whitney deal with it!-

-Get ready for a shitty weekend friends, today's legit but the snow and cold is heading our way as I type. The ES team rented a house in town this past week for their new catalog shoot and Tonka, Joe-bear and Steven have been showing them around....Harbour caught a plane out to california for a "weekend mission". I actually haven't talked to Murphy in a week so who knows what the hell he's up to. Ben gardner is in here now telling us the story of how he got caught by his probation officer with a whizzenator.....funny story, have him share with you sometime. Whitney's trying to get in where he fits in, and sorry but I don't have much else for you today kiddies.......oh yeah one more thing, love hurts!-

-Remember that old Parker glad if you don't.-

-Since the Government can't find any other Countries to bomb they decided to bomb the moon.-

-Hello weekend, glad to see you, and you couldn't of come any sooner.......September is gone and so we move on to bigger and better things, like October. Big decisions are being pondered as we speak......What will my Halloween costume be this year? I've narrowed it down to 3 choices.....I'm sure I could pull any of them off well......No stress, I have a month to choose. Something else to look forward to this month is the release of Spike Jones's Where the Wild Things Are.....I haven't been this exciting for a movie since Beat Street........Speaking of beating the street, Nathan has new found enthusiasm now that Listen is up and running again. Check out Montoya's interview and support the core you bastards.

-Here is more evidence to support my "skateboarding's dead" theory.-

-I dug up this old footage of Whitney.-

-The weather over the weekend made up for the shity week and with winter close approaching there are only so many days left like this......So go skate! Darrin moved to new York recently but unfortunately had to move back......yes, he is a fugitive and no I won't tell you why. I have to actually get some work done around here today so I got to go....but I'll be thinking about you.

-There's really no other reason to go to Longmont.-

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-It's almost been a month since my last update. My priorities are all out of wack, I should be updating the site instead of going to school and working everyday. Oh well. I'm kind of out of the loop, but I'll tell you all what I know has been going on lately. Tyler Price is back in Colorado and I'm glad that he's with us because his new footage is amazing. Whitney's art show went over well, and will be displayed for another week if you didn't get a chance to come out to the opening. Joey has the Aurora strain of swine flu, so he's been too busy dying to focus boards. Justin has been trying to learn how to skate switch, and it's a lot harder than Final Fantasy 13. From what I hear Shad has been killing it for Bucky's new video It's Always Sunny in Colorado, it will be great to see another part from him. Greg has been filming for the new 1031 video, he's just waiting for more colored griptape to come before he gets his ender. Listen Skateboards is back, so Nate has more of a reason to kill it now than ever. Noel is actually a myth, so your guess is as good as mine.

-Last weekend all the guys went up north to Tyler's original stomping grounds of Fort Collins and Loveland. Some gnarly tricks went down, and some gnarly looking chicks went down as well. Steven got some action for this switch heelflip. It's all in a days work.

-Not a lot of throw-away footage lately, we've actually been getting stuff that doesn't suck as much. Maybe I'll have something for you next time.

-Wow, Sunday 80 degrees, Monday 50 degrees with snow/rain and today's not looking very pleasant either. Oh well it was a pretty productive weekend so maybe a couple days of not skating won't hurt. Speaking of not skating here is Paul (the enforcer) Walsh....he's sort of our Big Black. Speaking of black, Whitney's having an art show September 24th / 7:00 pm @ the Lisa Kowalski Gallery 2762 Walnut St. Please go and buy shit so this dude will stop posting bulletins on facebook that start with "I'm a broke nigga, buy some art!" I heard the flip video is pretty good.....I actually heard Bob's part steals the show. The vid should start shipping by the end of the month so start saving those pennies. I guess I'll get back to shop shit and you can get back to surfing cooler skateboard sites than ours.-

-I received the Manik press pack for the holiday ship.....Congrats Noel.....stay tuned there is more to come on this story!-

-To be #1 in the Dew Tour athletes must fine tune their craft.-

-Well hello boys and girls, it's been a minute since we last spoke so lets get right to it. Sorry for the lag in updates but it's been busy around here lately with the college kids getting back and with Murphy on a strict diet of fix gear, work, and college it's hard to get a minute for this web shit. In team news William "the Ninja" Spencer was in town but left suddenly.....Tyler was in Seattle, than Albuquerque and finally landed back in Denver and the fatigue was noticeable.....Whitney's still broke....Joey wanted me to pass on that he won the Nike demo....Shad's been gearing up for the backyard mini-ramp fall contest series....Harbour's still living out of his car and surviving off Humus and candy....Nathan's 10Deep alright....I guess what I'm getting at is it's all throwaway lately.......And as for me, well I do it all for the kids. So with that said get outside and enjoy this last perfect month of skating because the shit storm is just around the corner.-

-"I feel like Ben Gardner at a ledge spot." - Noel Sinclair Boyt-

-The guys went out to Utah a couple weeks ago and this is what they came back with.....I'll understand if you get that "second hand embarrassment" thing going on while watching it.-

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-Labor Day weekend in full effect. We'll be putting in our labor Monday, so feel free to stop in and get a new board on your day off. I can't really think of anything too cool that's happened lately, just another week of the same old same old.

-All the guys came back from Utah unconverted, so that's encouraging. Unfortunately, they also didn't really come back with any footage either. Better luck next time homies. Steven managed to get this trick when he got back, you don't have to stray too far from the nest to be productive. Stay home next time.

-Justin Shardy, full-time student, full-time awesome, full-time flamingo.

-Whitney "Can I use your phone?" Wells, bumming off his friends since day one.

-See you all soon!

-It's official, the most useless month of the year has arrived. The grind of school has kicked in and winter, our worst enemy, is right around the corner........Thanks to our friends in L. A. Denver's air quality is worst than sitting in a car with Tonka after he's been doing the tango with a ten stair......nose hair burn anyone? Mr. Boyt heads back to Seattle today. It was fun Noel and if any of you would like to follow Noel through the inter web check out the Goods blog
, he updates more than we do. Speaking of blogs, check this shit out.......seriously can't wait to see this Bucky! So with that said I have to cut this update short because I'm meeting Murphy for a film mission and he gets all buck when I'm late.-

-Joe-Bears been sick in bed for a week....I thought this might cheer you up buddy, 5 tricks with the Bear.-

-Hey Whitney, I've been practicing on my cat for when you need medical attention on a trip or something.-

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-Two updates too late my friends. With Tony and I tag-teaming this website like we're in the WWF, you'll hopefully have more content to look at weekly. The end of Skatecamp/Tony's birthday party went well, and the traditional cake to the face went extremely well. The best part about being done with Skatecamp is I don't have to skate Wheel Park until next June. See you then Aurora.

-The shop recently got an influx of backpacks for the back to school shopping spree that unfolds every August. Deluxe Distribution must have gotten some packages mixed up, because we don't sell shit like this.

-Noel Boyt will be arriving at midnight tonight. Let the party begin.

-For some god-awful reason Whitney, Brandon, Justin, Steven, and Darren went to Utah. Come back soon, before you get tricked into wearing these.

-My friend Aaron Smith is a great photographer. He is also skilled at photoshop, he made a photo of me backsmithing a curb look like I was doing it on a rail down steps. Keep up the good work Aaron.

-Until next time cronies...

-Hello fellow web crawlers, I hope your Friday is treating you good and I thank you for dropping by to check out what the shop is up to. Honestly the only thing that is going on at the moment is SkateCamp preparations and the finalization of plans for the big end of SkateCamp/Summer shop party which is this Sunday. It's a time when shop family can hate on each other to their faces and not behind their's quite fun. This years extravaganza is a little sad though, it's also a going away party for Franny, he's leaving us and moving to the big apple. Fran-man your the shit.......I'll miss your perfect kickflips, buttery nosegrinds and over-all sick attitude towards everything.....Good luck Amigo! Moving on to other sad team news, Utah hide your women because half of The Denver Shop team is headed your way....something about a SK801 video. Congrats on the new video guys and send one back for the shop! I'm getting exiting because Mr. Noel Boyt will be visiting next week. I'm hoping he will agree to update the blog a couple times for you guys, just for old times sake. Either way I can't wait to skate, hate and kick it with you Amigo.......So with that said go skate kiddies and try not to worry if you'll be able to afford those new KSwiss Skateboard kicks......someone kill me.-

-T-La has been out shooting photos, one with Murph, and one with Whit......doesn't it just feel better to give than receive.-

-Beaglism @ The Denver Shop dot com.-

-When trying to make videos really only about 10% of what you film makes it into the final project. Brandon wants you to see the other 90%.-

-What a horrible Tuesday......The rain has set in early and my plans to go film today are cancelled. I was gonna go out with Nathan "nikedeep" Fantasia and William "ninja" Spencer but I guess it wasn't meant to be......I can tell the kiddies are all back in school because Murph and Joey aren't running around the shop hating on random's quite refreshing. Ben Gardener was released from the clink last week and has already broke two decks and scored a job at SkateCity, Yes folks SkateCity.......I didn't think they let felons work with kids. I will pay top dollar for any photos of Ben with roller skates on skating around this place! If that little bit of news didn't bum you out this will, Summer is over kiddies and that brings us to the last SkateCamp of the year. There is still a couple spots left for enrollment so get in where you fit in. I don't have much more today for you except Travis wanted me to relay this message on to you, "Skateboarding hurts".

-Another classic email from Mr. Boyt......"This guy is a bi-polar schizophrenic and he comes in every other week as a new person, today his name was Tim Allen Ying. He claims to have a 13 inch penis." I just report the news folks.-

-This is a classic example of a pool party gone bad......very bad.-

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-Wow it's almost been exactly a month since I've done an update. Time flies when your having fun. A lot has been going on for us lately, The Shop placed in DVS Shop Liftin' contest and The Skateboard Mag gave us a Storefront in issue #66. Come here to pick up your copy and maybe Tony and Stella will autograph it for you.

-Joey and I spent sometime in Kansas City recently, thanks a bunch to all the homies for putting us up. It was a very eventful trip, Joey fulfilled his dream of skating with the Zero team and I think he may have got some autographs. I got to drive eight and a half hours by myself and buy booze for the first time. In between focusing boards and eating Pancho's, Joey got this trick. Can't wait to go back next summer.-

-Tyler Price is back. His throw-aways are better than the average skater's ender. Must be nice.-

-I'm claiming a full part from Paul Walsh in the next video. Call me when you read this Paul, I have big plans for you.-

-The Denver Shop, we grip it, you rip it.-

-August is here and Back to School is just around the corner. Are you ready? I didn't think so......No one threaten to kill us at the last SkateCamp so I guess it was a good day! There's still room in the August 23rd camp, don't miss out on the fun. In team news, Murphy and Joey are sweatin it out in kansas as we speak, I hope its going better than this. Now get off your ass and hit the streets!-

-Noel Boyt sent me this captured moment of him and the legendary HipHop photography Ricky Powell somewhere in Seattle.-

-Don't fool yourself kiddies, it's all made in China now.-

-I received a couple letters in the mail the other day, one from Greg Knight and the other from Noel Boyt. Greg says hi, and that's its been really hot and humid where he's living. He got to skate the Eastern Skateboard Supply Warehouse skatepark down in Wilmington NC. and thought it was "amazing". Also he says his grandfather and him have a garden that is "producing an array of fresh fruits and veggies". He actually had more to say but you get the point. Thanks for the update Greg and your footage is in the mail amigo.....Now for Noel boyt.......well I think the Michael Jackson with a boner picture speaks for itself.-

-It's good to know I'm not the only one with problems at this spot.-

-Well hello boys, girls and of course Noel's been sometime since our last encounter so I will try to make this update as epic as possible. I must say Murphy has been doing a fine job and will continue updating but he has a rough week ahead of him so I decided to step in and give him a break. So lets kick this off with some team updates.....Harbour just returned from the cayman islands with 1031, Nathan took off to go on a Northeast 10Deep tour
thingy, I believe William is in New Zealand on holiday mate, it seemed as soon as Justin left for Utah he was back, Monicos in love, Tyler's up in Fort Town painting or some shit, Shads been filming for an upcoming local video and Murphy and Joey are headed out to kansas in a week for sweat and relaxation. As for those I missed, who freakin knows what they are doin. The second SkateCamp of the season is this Sunday and there is still room for enrollment.....don't miss the epicness of skating live with josh Murphy, and Myself of course. So other than watching Skateboarding eat itself from the inside out there's not much going on around here. Now go outside and see how many kickflips you can do in a, skate, hate!-

-This is what happens when the filmer has to skate in order to motivate the troops.-

-I have no clue why anyone would want to submit a "5tricks" after my complete domination, but Shardy seems to think he's on my level.-

-Dvs has finally announced the winner of the "Shopliftin" contest they held over 5 years ago and yes I must toot The Denver Shops 5 ain't bad.-

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-

-While I've been stuck in Denver all summer, I have really cool friends who get to travel the continental United States in search of shred. Joey is in California, and I've been getting a text daily that reads something like this, "Cali Update Day 3: Skated girl park and played pool." Real cool Joey, read this, "Denver Update Day 6935: Went to work then skated Denver Park." Awesome!

-Nate is my other cool friend who gets to travel to far off lands to show other humans proper three sixty flip and ollie form. If you find yourself in the northeast anytime soon, try to get his autograph at one of these demos!

-Shad Spencer has built something of epic proportions. Next week I will post his phone number and directions so you can skate it too!

-Joey and Brandon have been bringing out their homie from Trails Park lately. I was a little skeptical at first because I already know too many people from Aurora, and he said that Trails Park is better than Denver Park, which is an obvious fallacy. After grilling this guy, Jan Gatewood, I realized he isn't that bad and if I have to cut my Aurora numbers down, Paul Walsh would be gone first. Keep it up Jan!

-Everything ends on an exclamation mark!

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-I'm really excited about today's update for a couple reasons, mostly because it features Tony Mellick, the man behind The Shop.

-Tony wanted to be the next one to film five tricks, but he ended up topping me and filming five and a half. Skater owned and skater run, even if he can't pop his tricks.

-We got a letter from our incarcerated associate Ben Gardner. Ben has been sent up the river to Arapahoe County Detention Facility, with a hopeful release date of August. But, making the best out of a tough situation, Ben wrote a Top 5 worst things about being locked up:
1. I haven't skated in 23 days
2. I'm a minority in here
3. Every time I shit, it's to audience of about 48 other dudes.
4. Ramen noodles, sweet n low, and instant coffee have suddenly become luxuries.
5. Harry Potter, The Hardy Boys, and PC's for Dummies pretty much sums up the available reading material.

-I had no caption for this photo of Brandon and Peter Smolik, but as soon as Paul Walsh saw it he said, "Two biggest kooks out there."

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-Happy Fourth of July. As far as I'm concerned today is just a reason for idiots to shoot fireworks and get inebriated, so go out there and blow your hands off.

-Joey has even less American spirit than I do. Contact your local congressman to get this man arrested for flag-burning.

-This is the best solution when your stuck at a manual pad. Be careful though, you don't want to be like Paul Gardner and roll your ankle while your not even skating.

-Tyler Price should be coming back to Denver any week now. Hide your girlfriend's Myspace account and your spots, because he will take advantage of both.

-I'm trying to start a new segment, "5 tricks with...". It's hard to get all my friends behind the idea of filming sub-par tricks at mediocre spots for the internet, so I decided to kick-start the new project. Hopefully more talented skaters on the team will film better ones soon. E-mail suggestions for who you'd like to see next.

-Until next time, we grip it, you rip it.

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
I'm really sorry guys, six days without an update is ridiculous. I hope it doesn't happen again, but when I'm working forty hours a week it's hard to find time for updating, and even harder finding the motivation to deal with Tony. Moving on, the past week was an interesting one. We did the first Skatecamp of 2009 on Sunday. The turn-out was pretty decent, but we hope for more next time. There is still room in the July and August classes, so sign up now!

-Last week I wanted to go film at this spot that Monico skated in the last video, but to my surprise the entire place was torn down. The school district must have seen Monico's Supras in that line and decided that it had to go. Bummer wave.

-Justin is in Utah for the next month, and less than twenty-four hours into the trip there are rumors of a shaved head. Just when you thought he couldn't look any worse.

-The Denver Shop's YouTube account got a comment from CaliKyle that read, "Noel Boyt lives in Seattle now and he made my brother cry at the skatepark, he's crazy." Keep those north-westerners on their toes hombre.

-We grip it, you rip it.

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-The heat is getting turned up here in Denver. It's getting up to 90 degrees today and high 80s for the rest of the week. Good news for us, more skating and more swimming will ensue.

-The wedding of Ashley Russell and Ryan Lorenz went well. It was odd seeing all my friends at a formal occasion, but I think we pulled it off. The combination of dinosaurs, carrot cakes, beer, and jelly beans was euphoric.

-It was Brandon Greer's twenty-fourth birthday yesterday. Be sure to watch his Hollarado part and then call him to tell him how much you like it. Or you could just watch this throw-away montage he edited. Apparently his music selection hasn't gotten any better over the years.

-Tony is too busy to update this site, but not too busy to update his site. Be sure to watch the top youtube video, 420 jokes are and always will be funny.

-The Denver Shop, we grip it, you rip it.

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-More updates coming down the pipe this Saturday. The rain seems to be subsiding here in the Denver metro area, which hopefully correlates to more skating and filming. Whitney has been working odd jobs with our friend Justin Shardy, so he hasn't really been around the shop lately. Unfortunately for Tony, Whitney's new job means he must work eight days a week (I didn't think it was possible either, but through the wonders of time-travel he has been doing so). Hopefully we'll be able to get that footage of Tony skating up for you guys sooner or later, I haven't given up, so neither should you.

-Steven Gritz is a good guy whose made some bad decisions. If you make the same bad decision twice, you might get one of these in your car. Be safe on the road, especially when Steve's around.

-I like turtles. He likes turtles.

-See you next week. Denver Shop, we grip it, you rip it.

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-Another day another update. Not a whole lot has been happening around here lately, just staying busy with filming and handling shop business. Tony's nephew is in town from Kentucky and is making his presence felt via his cell phone. Whitney is not feeling the flag he's flying.

-We got an e-mail from Monico recently. Sounds like he and Tyler have been killing it, getting a bunch of photos with Rocky Norton. You can see more photos of those guys and other New Mexico rippers at Rocky's website. Don't piss that guy off, he looks a lot scarier than our local photographer. Monico will be here on the 28th, just in time for our first skate camp, which is almost full. If you want to get in where you fit in, sign up as soon as possible.

-I called Noel the other day to talk about the new Rad and Powell videos and ended up talking to Justin Brock. He seems like a really nice guy, I'm excited to see his part in the new Nike video. I heard Koston has first and last part, only time will tell.

-This Sunday, June 21st, is Go Skateboarding Day. Our good friends Ryan Lorenz and Ashley Russell are getting married, so we will be very busy with that, and not so busy skateboarding. Maybe we'll figure out a way to combine the two. I'll call the wedding planner right now.

-Until next time. Denver Shop, we grip it, you rip it.

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
All the rain and tornados lately have made skating tougher than usual. To occupy our time we got the new Powell video "Fun". A conversation I overheard between Jesse and Joey summed up the film perfectly, "This video has a lot of big rails", "Yeah." There you go. We also were fortunate to receive an e-mail from our displaced team member Greg Knight, and rather than tell you what he has to say, I thought it would just be better to present it to you in its entirety. If your in Virginia and you need some fresh produce, call Greg. What an odd guy:
Dear Denver Shop,
What's been goin on this is Greg.. long time no talk i know, but just
wanted to say hello and send out some love.. Well lets see here I've
been skatin a bunch, i worked here for a while and recently quit kinda
of a long boring story, but i worked with this dude that had one tooth
that was blue super nice dude though. So know I'm trying to grow some
vegetables, fruit, and flowers and sell them down at the market. Ill
try to send some pictures, and maybe something sweet next time..
Your friend
ps. murphy's lacking general demeanor whatever that means

-Two Greers together is a lethal combination. I don't know if Justin's better at skating or filming. In this instance, I think he sucks at both.

-Tonight were going to Minh Thong's video, Rad. It's at Cervantes on 27th and Welton at nine tonight. See you there.

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-Sorry for the absenteeism, I've been working too much the past four days to skate or come to the shop. I was hoping that my comrades had gotten a bunch of footage and photos for my next update by today, but it came as no shock when I showed up to almost nothing. All I asked Tony to do over the weekend was try a noseslide and a smith grind for this update, but he was too busy selling all the new summer product we have been getting in. Luckily Whitney will be working tomorrow, so come in and visit him while Tony is out hitting the streets.

-This weekend all the guys went to Englewood High School to get broke off on the six and ten stairs, but their plans were stalled by a strong-man competition. Steven Gritz knows how to make the most out of a bad situation, and maybe next time Joey will get that hammer he claimed.

-A brand new ledge spot still presents challenges for our favorite rep/filmer, Chad Lewis. Justin Greer perseveres over shaky filming and beanies in the summer time to hardflip another day.

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
I was greeted this afternoon by some warm e-mails from Jaron, Jaymson, Alex, and Henry. Thanks for your feedback guys. I think if enough people hound Tony we might be able to get him to try a slappy noseslide or a smith grind. Hopefully we'll have some footage of his attempts by next week, he has all weekend to try.

-As glamorous as getting paid to lace shoes, grip boards, and watch videos might be, there is some grime in working at a skate shop. Caleb is putting in his work around here, hopefully he comes back next week for more.

-Choreographed skating at it's finest.

-Denver Shop, we grip it you rip it.

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-Today I got off work at three, hoping to further my level of productivity by going filming, but instead the rain from previous days continued. Fortunately, I was in my car and didn't get stranded along a flooded river. Hopefully this weather mellows out soon so Jesse and I can keep on keepin' on.

-Justin Greer is a really lazy dude. He is 22 years old and has no life-goals other than becoming an expert Call of Duty player. A couple of weeks ago Justin got the motivation to get a job, so his Mom got him a gig working at an after school program. He gets paid to play kickball and finger paint with kids all day. Despite his easy profession, he only works one day a week. Here is his top 5 reasons why working one day day a week is "sick":
1) Get to skate the same shitty spots more.
2) $100 a month paychecks.
3) Free snacks at work.
4) Brando drives me around all week.
5) My friends hate on me.

-Tony wanted to live vicariously through all of us, so he suggested we team up on these ledges out in Aurora. I would rather see some footage of him trying to skate them, wouldn't you? Send some suggestive e-mails of tricks you would like to see Tony try. Don't make them too hard, we don't want to see him break a hip.

-To whomever wrote an e-mail saying you prefer Tony's updates, I honestly don't know what to tell you. I do the updating now, maybe you could offer some constructive criticism. What do you dislike? My writing style? My content? My general demeanor? Let me know, I look forward to catering to your preferences.

-Nobody voted on the Paul Walsh poll. So I guess that means Paul will have zero tricks in the next video. Sounds about right.

-Denver Shop, we grip it, you rip it. See you Friday.

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-I'm coming to you via inter-web to start the month off proper. I was so eager to write this update that I had to eat my breakfast while composing it. It was a crazy weekend for skating, and bunch of really good skaters got inspired by this, so they went and did all of this. Get out there and party.

-We're still recovering from a full weekend of skating. Pueblo was in full effect all day yesterday. Steven Gritz skated some ledges before Tyler Van Duyn got buck into an abyss of a bank. Good job Tyler, your good at going backwards.

-While we were skating, Paul Walsh was snacking. How many tricks do you think Paul will have in the newest Denver Shop production? Cast your votes by e-mail, results will be posted Wednesday.

-Speaking of Tyler's, I got Mr. Tyler Price to e-mail me a top 5 things about relocating to Albuquerque. I'm just wondering how he got his troglodyte hands to type it. Here is his un-edited top 5, from his fingers to your eyes:
1. Mad non-blown out spots
2. Getta drive around in the grandparents buttery 91' gold oldsmobile like a G
3. get a fresh home cooked meal from the Gma every night
4. tons of chicks that i havent creeped out yet
5. If i get pulled over drunk I can just say im native american and get away with it

-I tried to get all Biebel at this rail, but all I came up with was this.

-See you all Wednesday!

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-

-The hardest part of writing updates is getting started. Summer has been going pretty well for everyone here, we've been talking shit, hanging out, and skating. Coincidentally in that exact order. Skatecamp is the next event to look forward too, the first one is on June 28th, and spots are becoming scarce. Three hours of skateboarding, pizza, brownies, and give-aways. See you there.

-"Random Stuff from My Parents House" didn't get the amount of responses I was hoping for. It seems my audience either isn't interested in partying or is too scared to e-mail. Either way, this segment is going the way of the three-sixty flip tailgrab, over for many but forgotten by few.

-I'm trying to get everyone involved in these updates, but my friends seem to lack the motivation I have. Just yeserday I risked my life by venturing out onto the troubled waters of Washington Park lake. It wouldn't be so risky if I knew how to swim. Is 19 years old to late for swimming lessons?

-Joesph Abarca officially has some new sponsors.

-Kurt Cobain's ghost called Noel back to Washington early this morning. See you soon hombre.

-Monico has been gone from Denver for a while now, but we can still feel his lanky pop and can-do attitude all the way from Albuquerque. Since moving to another city, Monico has been putting his college degree to use by subsitute teaching at some New Mexico public schools. He isn't intimidated educating children he could ollie over. Here is his top 5 things about subsitute teaching:
1. Making haunted house paintings with elementary school students.
2. Having bilingual kids teach me Spanish.
3. Kicking a grand slam in the end of the year 5th graders vs. staff kickball game.
4. Having the first thing a student says to me, "YES! Finally someone like me," when he finds out I'm his skater sub.
5. Hanging with rad new kids everyday!

-Until next week...-

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-Tony has bestowed on me the honor of updating the site consistently now. I will do my best to update frequently and consistently, so visit often because we are still completely independent and skate focused. Now that Tony isn't back-seat writing for me, I am going to take this opprotunity to speak my mind about the Denver Nuggets. I don't care about them, and you probably never did either until they started winning. So this will hopefully be the last time they are mentioned. Visit if you give a shit about them.

-I'm bringing a new segment called "Random Stuff from My Parents House." Every update, I will find random stuff I find around my house that you can buy. Today I bring you the Murphy Summer Party Pack. We have some swim trunks, spiderman monopoly, a bright orange bouncy ball, and an assortment of fireworks. These items combined could create a great summer experience for you and yours. E-mail your bids, the highest offer will win and you can pick up your prize here at The Shop. Best of luck!

-Noel Boyt came back to town this weekend. As you may or may not know, Noel used to work here at the shop and did a better job than Whitney ever has. Since moving to Seattle in July of last year, he has noticed some things that make Denver better. Here is his top 5 reasons Denver is better than Seattle:
1. The Denver Shop Street Gang
2. The overall skate scene (people know how to film, better spots, Denver park)
3. Great mexican food
4. I always know where I am
5. The altitude
(I think/hope that he meant attitude for #5)

-This random Euro at Civic told us Koston's on Nike. Believe it.

-Tony is being very adamant about me using the catchphrase, "From the core for the core." I have never been very fond of this statement, mostly because of it's irrelevance to anything he was writing. From the store, out the door.-

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-Let's cut the shit and get down to business. The Nuggets beat the Avalanche in a heated overtime shoot-out, and are now on their way to the finals versus the Colorado Rapids. Whoever wins that series will go on to play the Colorado Crush for the Indoor Superbowl, not to be confused with the more popular outside Superbowl. Whoever wins the Indoor Superbowl gets to have dinner at John Elway's house, where he will show you his sports memorabilia and tell you about his sexcapades with his most current wife.

-Everyone here at the shop is done with school for the summer, but that doesn't mean we have to leave the playground.-

-As the most oxymoronic sales rep in Colorado, Chad Lewis gets to live the dream daily. If he wants to skate in black-and-white on a big rail, he can because he reps Fallen. If he wants to do three tricks in one trick a-la-the lakai video, he can because he reps Girl and Chocolate. Here is a picture of a man we all aspire to be.-

-In case you guys forgot, Nate Fantasia is above average at tricking.-

-This weeks top 5 features my building-mate, Jason Clark. When he isn't loading mattresses onto trucks or losing to me at pool, he is on youtube. Here is his top 5 youtube videos:
1. evil eye
2. fight compilation
3. rollerblader
4. cat fence
5. gonna be hot

-We'll have a new top 5 next week, featuring an old favorite. Stay tuned............


-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-We got the e-mails on the Nuggets poll, and out of the 2000 average hits the site gets a week, only six people took any sort of initiative and voted. Out of those six votes, six people voted in support of continuing Nuggets updates. So, in an effort to appeal to those six, I'm going to tell you that the Denver Nuggets are scoring more touchdowns than the other teams, and are on their way to winning the Stanley Cup. Best of luck to them in their endeavors. As for things that actually matter, our annual skate-camp is coming up. It is the 14th year of skate-camp, and classes are already filling up fast. There is limited enrollment, so get in where you fit in by clicking the above icon. And don't worry, Tony will not be skating so you might actually learn something.-

-For a while the weather was shitty, so Joey and I went to a parking garage and skated the Cons box. Tony was trapped in Aurora, Jason was drunk, and Whitney was posting bulletins on MySpace, so I had to resort to a new filmer. Luckily for you, Joey most likely won't pick up filming anytime soon, and I already quit skating.-

-Paul Walsh......-

-The first Saturday of every month is free Denver Art Museum day. We got our culture on, and yes, that is me staring at a life size version of Justin Greer's penis. Party on.-

-Whitney still sucks. As proof, here is a line he did, and here is his top 5 on having type-1 diabetes:
1. My blood sugar's low
2. My blood sugar's low.
3. Snackin' whenever I want.
4. Weed is good for my diabetes.
5. I don't have insurance.

Unfortunately for Whit, World Industries doesn't make insulin yet. Somebody get him a medical sponsor.-


-Brandon has returned from california, and with gifts....Thank you amigo and congrats on being invited out there to help get the new Shake Junt video completed. As a result of that he ended up staying a little longer to help with the DeathWish tour video as well....I'm gonna get a sneak preview of both of the vids tonight.....I'll let you know what's up. Speaking of letting you know what's up, here's a spy photo of the Limited Edition Colorado Spitfire wheel that comes out in June, and a shirt will match....Bravo Brad and Deluxe! Murph, Nathan and I tried to skate a little yesterday. It would of been more productive if the wind would of cooperated. Murph reluctantly let me film this for our loyal web visitors.....get use to disappointment kiddies. I don't have much else today and I'm feeling swine-flu ill. I'll keep you posted. Now go learn nollie flips, because God knows I can't. From the core, for the core.-

-Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-I'm back again, mostly because nobody who visits this site gives a shit about the Denver Nuggets. After I wrote that, Tony had some harsh words with me about people monitoring Nugget performance via the site. The only way to settle this battle is an online vote. Cast your vote by e-mail, and by this time next week we should have results. Moving on, we all had a pretty good weekend considering the weather, and Saturday was particularly productive. Jason took the cake with this first try maneuver. On the way over to the shop I called Noel to see what has been happening in Seattle. He told me to visit this site and hung up before I could respond. Must be the sea-level atmosphere getting to him.-

-If you haven't voted for the Battle at the Berrics 2 yet, you should. I personally would love to see Mike Vallely vs. Jeremy Rogers game of S-K-A-T-E that ultimately ends in a live concert. What could be better?

-In and effort to make the family more well-known to you internet surfers, I had Joey do a top 5 things about living in Aurora, Colorado:
1.Biggest Insane Clown Posse population in the world.
2.Wheel Skatepark, I've almost gotten jumped there probably over five times.
3.I have to use a quarter of a tank just to escape Aurora's boundaries.
4.The gangsters who break into my car every other weekend.
5.Aurora sucks.

-Stay tuned, hopefully next week we can get a top 5 things about having type-1 diabetes featuring Whitney Wells. Farewell, Josh Murphy.-

-Hello loyal web surfers...I survived the second blizzard of 2009...barely. If that tree branch would of been 1 foot closer to my condo there would of been a permanent christmas tree in my living room......So I deliberately didn't update yesterday because I was taking a personal stand against this whole "420" thing......What exactly does the term 420 even mean? I ask a couple of canibus connoisseurs yesterday and they could 't give me a legit answer. All I got was, "you can smoke on the Capital stairs." After several minutes of Googling I found that everyone has their own meaning for the term "420". This explanation made me scratch my head the most. Enjoy the excitement of learning something new my pupils. Speaking of let downs, just received the new Skateboard Mag....Chris Cole got the cover and all I see is the chain wallet......Chad, I'm gonna need to order about 10 dozen of those Fallen chain wallets pronto amigo, and you told me they didn't make em. Moving right along to a sport where the athletes aren't babies and don't make ridiculous amounts of money for doing nothing, the Nuggets are lookin good my man......Enjoyed watching Billups light shit up the other night. Alot of games left but I like our chances in this first round. Here's another idea for those molars: I have an idea for those teeth. you should go to your favorite restaurant, order something awesome, then stash one of the teeth in your dish. Tell your wait person you want a manager now! Tell them what's up, that you found a friggin toof in your sammich, and boom! hopefully you get a free meal (maybe a couple free meals) out of it.
-Adam Q-

In this recession who couldn't use a free meal.....Just a heads up, it's free ice cream at the Ben and Jerry's next door to the shop all day today. Now go skate, enjoy this wonderful weather and try not to worry about what shoe sponsor Koston will end up with. From the core, for the core.-

-Ben, I hate to be the one to tell you this but Joey and Jason are the ones who set your microwave to 99.99 minutes the other night, not those chicks you yelled at.-

-I'm having one of those of those days where you mistakenly use your girlfriends toothbrush. Whitney knows what I'm talking about. Murphy did a pretty good job with the last update. I was impressed and that Elway link will go down in Denver Shop history. Speaking of history, the Lorenz's wedding is coming up and all the proper preparations are in order. I still haven't got an invitation.........their scared and they should be! Another tooth email:
I have an idea about those teeth you won, Next time you go to the dentist have those teeth in your hand and then when you first lay down pretend to start pulling the teeth out of your mouth. That should give you a might ruin your relationship with your dentist though...
Live life

Chad, who has relationships with their dentist? Keep the ideas flowing people. The emails literally give me a laugh in the mornings. Today's a perfect day to learn fakie three shuvs and an even better day to get your shins all bloody. From the core, for the core.-

-Steven, not to be a dick but they knobbed this spot for a reason...........-

Guest Editor: Josh Murphy-
-It's Monday dorks. I'm glad it rained on Easter because I was working, if I can't skate I don't want anyone else to. I'm spiteful like that. I guess Brandon went back to California yesterday because "Ellington wants me out there" to work on the Shake Junt Video...I'm not quite sure of the whole story, you can ask him. Did anyone even watch the last Shake Junt video? Big announcement, after a weekend of skating with Cody Davis, Whitney's tape exchanged enough hands to finally get onto the World Industries' team managers desk, and pending a group decision of Ronson Lambert, Malcom Watson, and Kurtis Colamonico, he might get on. He'll be set on boards, shoes, trucks, wheels, bearings, and any other terrible skateboard components for the rest of his life.-

-Just got off the phone with Derek Milton, that dude is cool. Check his blog, it's hilarious.-

-Joey inducted our new team rider. Legends never die. Touchdown!-

-Got another e-mail about the teeth. I personally think this shit is weird, too Noel-esque. Keep those entries coming regardless, maybe you'll win something, but you'll at least get on the site, isn't that everyone's life goal?-

I've got not just one, but a few ideas for them teeth that just might clinch it for you...
1. Grind them down to a fine powder, pack that shit into a peace pipe, and toke those teeth up... you never know what kind of strange shamanistic powers some Thai teeth would imbue you with.
2. Or, if this is more your flavor, snort that shit. Might be more of a party drug kinda deal that way.
3. Use em for board bolts. The enamel won't rust after some rainy day powerslides.
4. Make them into a cake and give it to one of your rivals.
5. Use em as dice for a back alley game of craps.
6. Nosebonk them with a Tech Deck
Hope some of those are more satisfactory than Mr. Gonzales'.
Sleazy Bone

-Over and out, Josh Murphy

-First Email of the day....."how would I be able to contact William Spencer. ? My name is nate sherwood. I write for I would love to do a article on him." It doesn't get any better than that folks, well maybe it does.........In other team news, Tyler has officially moved up from Pueblo and Justin should probably move to Pueblo. Tonka is gonna reside in Albuquerque for a few more weeks while he collects enough MySpace honeys in Denver to make it worth coming back.....true story. Look out for Noel Boyt designed Manik boards and T-Shirts coming soon...I spoke to him the other night, he has 2 of the board designs done with 3 to go and I would assume that the T-Shirts will go with the boards, congrats amigo. I only got one Email in regards to ideas for the teeth I won on Ebay. Jon Gonzales here is your 15 minutes, "you should get the biggest one put in one of those clear acrylic balls and put on the top of a cane. the other one, same but on a keychain. ebay the keychain and get hella loot." Jon, I like your entrepreneur attitude. Good idea but not great. Come on people get creative, and Jon so far the deck is yours but I'm gonna give it a couple of weeks to see if people can come up with some better ideas. Now go skate, it's a perfect day to learn 900's. From the core, for the core.-

-March freakin blew if it would just stop snowing we could get on with Spring around here. Brandon has officially returned from his Animal Chin search. When I ask if he had found the Chin he replied, "no, but I found Smolik." Well there ya go, Smolik has officially taken the place of Animal Chin and the ever sought after unicorn. Brandon did collect some footage from his epic journey which we watched and I hated on....Not that the footage sucked but that's just the kind of shit we do....Maybe I can get him to throw together a montage for you web surfers. I finally received those teeth I won on Ebay. They came all the way from Thailand and honestly I'm a bit scared to touch now I have to figure out what to do with them, any of you have ideas? Email your ideas to me........Best idea gets a shop deck. If you haven't been in the shop for awhile we have a plethora of spring shoes and clothing and more is arriving daily. Come on in and we can discuss this sinking ship we call skateboarding.............Now go skate, from the core, for the core.-

-I survived the blizzard of 09, imagine getting 12 inches of snow and it all being gone in 24 hours....that's Denver. This is usually what goes down during our down time........or watching skate vids. Speaking of skate videos, Spike Jonz, who has been involved in some of the most memorable videos in skateboard history will finally release "Where the Wilds things Are" in October. Now I'm not that big into the whole main stream movie thing but this will be one movie I will stand in line for. I take that back, if this movie has a sequel I would also stand in line for that. The Nuggets have been on fire the last few weeks........but honestly watching teams like the Lakers, Boston or Cleveland I can't help but feel the Nuggets are no where near that good. We are division win good but not championship good. Sorry to burst your bubble fans but this still isn't our year. I will continue to watch games and root for my squad but it will only end bad. So with that said find a good underground garage and get your skate dance on. From the core, for the core.-

-Just in case you've been a little confused lately..........-


-It's Thursday, I'm jamming Hall and Oates, watching it blizzard out my office window and to top it all off this is all I got for you today.........not a good way to kick off the weekend.-

-It's Tuesday, not much going on around here.......Whitney just went next door to try and open a bank account, I'm pretty sure he'll be right back. Monico was in town over the was good seeing him. Tyler and Brandon are supposedly on the way back from their Animal Chin search, although I did hear a rumor that Brandon might get the World Industries film job. The only prerequisite is he has to get either a Flameboy or Wet Willy tattoo.........Brandon just think you could be filming stuff likes this in no time. Murphy is doing Spring break 09 in Milwaukee....Sorry Murph, but I'm sure if you can get your daily dose of the Slap message board you'll be fine. Those human teeth I won on Ebay still have not arrived in the mail....bummed to say the least. I told you not much was going on today.....go learn no-comply flips. From the core, for the core.-

-It's St. Patrick's day today and I have no clue what that actually means. I know its an excuse to get shitfaced, wear green and bar hop on a weekday but what does the day actually represent? Well there ya go, you learned something from visiting the site are a brain cell smarter......Speaking of brain cells, Converse used theirs and finally sent out P.O.P that a shop could use. Bravo Converse, this is definitely better than the freaking aquarium you guys sent out last week. So I guess we'll take this thing out and break it in...look for a montage soon! The Nuggets have won 3 in a row and things are probably a little better in the locker room. They play Memphis Wednesday night...It kinda sucks, I haven't been to one game this year. I think I'll save my money for the playoffs. So I won those teeth and now I'm waiting for the shipment to arrive...its gonna be like Christmas. Now go learn the dying art of pressure flips. From the core, for the core.-

-Go check out Harbours "Day in the Life" over at the 1031 site.-

-Its about time they thought of this, I mean how many chicks have you lost because you couldn't stop?-

-Tyler decided to switch it up a little and come up from Pueblo for the day.

-Big news of the day...Dvs has picked the winner of the Shopliftin contest. It came down to 5 shops, The Denver shop, Pitcrew, NJ Skateshop, Cal's Pharmacy and Platform. Platform, a shop from Pomona California won it. Congrats to Platform and honestly I'm very pleased with The Denver Shop getting in the top 5 out of 100 shops across the country. Just being mentioned in the same sentence with these shops is winning to me. So we push on and continue to film but with days like this you wonder why. In team news, as soon as Joey got back from California Lorenz was on a plane out there. Fresh out of the airport, Lorenz got his blunt fix. Monico moved into a place with his significant other down in Albuquerque. William got his car broke into the other day while on an audition. They stole the Ninjas car radio, a complete and a couple decks....Call me William and I'll get you out a package. Tyler and Brandon are still on a search for Animal Chin and I'm anxiously waiting to see if I win these's all for art people. The Nuggets won last night but don't get all stoked. This is a game that the Nuggets should win and by 20 at that. This next month is crucial for the Nuggets and with it being to late in the season to fire George Karl I'll continue to hope for a miracle......Now go skate, the weather is good enough to learn 360 no comply's in your driveway......From the core, for the core.-

-Damn, its already March and Spring is right around the corner. There was a light dusting of snow this morning but for the most part the winter has been very warm and dry around here.......perfect skate weather. I talked to Noel the other day...he's doing quite well. Look out for a Manik board series designed by Mr. Boyt very soon. And Noel, I'm gonna win these for us my friend....think of the possibilities. Speaking of Manik, I watched the promo they put out and Josh Anderson's part is worth a watch. I would like to take this time to personally thank Jason for the art work left for me this week. I see potential in your line work. Sorry for the censorship kiddies but I'm sure you can fill in the blanks. So you knew it was coming....the Nuggets are blowing it...big time. I can't bear to watch any longer. They have lost 8 of 11, dropped from a 3rd playoff seed to a 7th seed in just a week, Dallas is knocking at our door, and if they drop to an 8th seed we will face the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs. I think I'd rather them not even make the playoffs if that happens. Think about all that when your trying kick back tails today.....From the core, for the core.-

-The weekend has arrived and so has Tonka's new look. When ask why he choose to change it up his response simply was, "I like to get twizted". Go on over to Slap Magazine and check out Ty Bush's perspective on Colorado...Congrats to all the locals who got a photo and especially, our very own, Monico for getting the MVP of Ty's trip. The Nuggets play the Lakers tonight.....god help us. From the core, for the core.-

-What a pleasant Tuesday...70 degrees today under the bluest of skies. The only downer today would be how bad the Nuggets blew it last night.....It was are some highlights. Even with the Nuggets outstanding record this year I feel changes are nessasary....NEW COACH, PLEASE. I mean c'mon Coach Karl show some emotion, throw a chair or something. George, your teams down by 30 at home and your sitting on the bench like nothings wrong.....Sorry Coach, but there is a reason why you haven't won the big one and if you think your job is secure here in Denver Just think back two months ago when Shannahan got canned....On that note go learn slappies, better yet frontside slappies...from the core, for the core.-

-How is everyone on this splendid Monday? I actually went out and skated this weekend.......It was pleasant, mostly because everyone was just having fun and not stressing about a deadline. For the last month I honestly haven't even wanted to look through a view finder or even crack an ollie for that matter, but I've got the bug again and so the madness begins. Pete Eldridge came out and skated with us this weekend ...He's one hell of a nice guy. Speaking of nice guys, I'm happy to announce that Greg Knight made it to Virginia without incident.......Harbour did a weekend road trip to visit Monico in Albuquerque. Shad just got back from rest and relaxation in Mexico. Brandon and Tyler are still on California time, here is some of the shit they have been up to the last few weeks. Joey is heading to kansas this week for the T3 premier.....Justin is playing PS3, and I'm yelling at Whitney for not throwing away broken boards from the weekend.....from the core, for the core.-

-Damn its windy and cold today, but keep that head up because the weekend is looking good. While driving into the shop today I heard the one-of-a-kind time trial bike that Lance Armstrong used in the Amgen Tour of California Saturday was stolen from a team van. This gives me a laugh....Lance If you leave your $10,000 dollar bike in the back of a van behind a hotel than I might try to steal it too. And to the dude that stole it, good luck selling it moron. Downtown is a nightmare today because Obama is in town to sign that Economic Stimulus package....If your a little confused on what exactly this stimulus package is here's a video to help clear things up. That's it........go skate. From the core, for the core.

-Our very own Ryan Lorenz has just recently lost his job and to top it off he has a wedding coming up, so I thought the best gift from me would be to find him a job. Honesty I don't understand how people can say there are no good jobs available....Ryan let me know if none of these pan out and I will find some more.-

-Whitney has some sort of a going away interview over at Roger Skateboards....And Whitney since your single now and having a hard time finding that special someone I found this for you......let me know if it works.

-Wednesdays are useless, except when the mailman drops off Noel Boyts new zine. Bravo my friend and thank you. Some of you came in over the weekend to purchase the Alien vid but we had sold out....We got more today. This Alien video is good, maybe good enough for people to forget there owned by Burton. I don't have much more today, writers block and shit. GO SKATE....From the core, for the core.

-The Denver Shop is losing a team member, and most importantly a friend this week...Greg Knight has decided to move to Virginia for "something new". I personally wish G-Knight all the best. He's Literally the nicest dude you will ever meet...And Greg, I found a list of Frisbee Golf courses in Virginia......I thought it would save you some time.-

-70 degrees today......perfect. William, Tyler, Monico, and Brandon have all jumped in the Bangarangg bus and headed up to San Jose with Micah and Don Naughty. Brandon thought 6 dudes looking for Animal Chin was better than 1........I've already heard a rumor of someone drinking their own urine. I'll let you guess who. Justin returned from his California trip and was caught wearing full pads at the Denver park. Whitney is no longer a Roger...Don't worry Whit, you'll always be a Roger in my book. Murphy's walking again but with a pimp type limp. What a game last night, Melo finished with 32 points and the game winning layup with five seconds remaining to give Denver a 114-113 victory last night in Oklahoma City. The win matched the 1976-77 Nuggets for the best NBA start in franchise history at 33-16. Will my 15 years of Nuggets devotion finally be rewarded with a strong playoff outing? I know, I shouldn't hold my breath. That's all I got today, I'm gonna eat my lunch and watch this. From the core, for the core.-

-Maybe you've heard of this DVS Shopliftin contest, or maybe you haven't. Either way here is the Shops submission.-

-It's official......Congrats Tonka!-

-Good ol Mondays back to screw shit up........and not to mention the weather has given us a swift kick to the nuts.
Only real excitement this weekend was Murphy got ran over by a Greyhound Bus while riding is bike........and survived. Glad your okay Murphy, now go get that high profile Lawyer. That's all I got, my minds on Skate2 and with this lousy weather what else is there to do? From the core, for the core.-

-Tyler is officially Hyped.....look for Tyler's introduction any day on Hype skateboards.-

-Super cold today. It sucks starting the weekend like this. I guess I can't bitch, it was in the 70s all week. Here's another Easter Egg from the video....If you press enter during any of Noel Boyts footy in the Intro a Music video by the one and only Colin Fiske will appear. Speaking of Noel Boyt, Happy birthday dude. A lot of people were bummed he didn't have a full part in the video and honestly I was too. So for you I have a rough edit of what could of been but never was. ASR is this's a lesson for those of you who don't know what ASR is about, its a 3 day bro-down session with dudes you prolly wouldn't chill with other wise. I have to go now and finish this edit for the DVS shopliftin contest....I'm usually not one for the whole skateboard contest shit but I'll give it a try. From the core, for the core.-

-Brandon edited this up for us of his adventure so far.-

-First Email of the day from some dude named Andrew Dangerously......"Hey, got some stuff for you to check out! I'm from the Springs but my playground is Denver. I am a freerunner, but William Spencer inspired me to pick up a skateboard, I'm fairly well known at the Springs skateparks for combining freerunning and skateboarding and have some sick moves I'd love to see William Spencer add to his arsenal. I'd be happy to film some of these newly innovated moves in hopes that William would give them a shot. I don't care who gets credit for the moves, that's not what it's about. It's all about pushing boundaries and innovating. Check out my videos, don't have any skateboarding stuff up, but you can see how my freerunning can translate to skateboarding." I hope my day gets better.-

-Justin leaves today, and Tyler tomorrow for the California dream.-

-Its Friday and the weather for the weekend is looking fabulous. Perfect to get those kickflips popping and not those knees.
The winter has been quite nice to us this season...take advantage of it. The Girl autograph signing on Monday was a big hit. I would like to personally thank all the Girl guys for staying as long as you did and signing everyones stuff. Those are moments that will stay with kids for ever. So bravo to you guys. In team news, Whitney's still a Roger for 3 more weeks, Monicos in Albuquerque, Harbour made it back from his Cali trip, I'm pretty sure Tonka believes the Hype, Potters a gamer, and with three states covered Brandon has yet to find Animal Chin. That's all I got today....Oh yeah one more thing, stay away from your local skatepark this weekend and go skate the street. From the core, for the core.-

-Tyler get out of Pueblo and come skate this weekend.-

-Justin recently purchased a PS3 and he wanted me to pass on his online persona so he can battle you virtuely.......jgreer666.-

-Damn its gonna be 60 degrees today and one of those perfect Colorado days to skate.......But before you leave I felt today was a good day to give away an easter egg from the DVD.....When Greg Knight breaks his arm press enter on your DVD remote and you will see the other side of skateboarding....From the core, for the core.-

-Joey left today for Albuquerque to play skateboarding with some buddies.......let me know if Brandon shaved that fishtash.-

-look who's the Roger of the Month.........Congrats friend!-

-I'm down with the Human skateboard.-

-First off I would like to thank all who came out and supported "In Color". It just goes to show this town has the best skate scene....if only the weather would cooperate. I also must thank the Greer family, Miss Wells and Cristina for dealing with all the shit I didn't want to that night...greatly appreciated. Circa, Deluxe and Alphanumeric for giving product and supporting a shop video. The Mayan and The Hornet for putting up with 500 skateboarders. All my loyal customers who came out to support the hat goes off to you my friends. All the out of town homies who flew in, Noel Boyt, Steve Irons , Utah homies and the Kansas Homies......Thank you all! If you weren't able to pick up a copy at the showing not to worry we have copies for sale in the shop or if you live out of town just click the buy it now button right up top there and you will be directed to the right place. So we start a new year with great expectations of what's to come........Will Noel Boyt move back? Will the new President get this machine running again? Will the Nuggets finally win a playoff game? Will I beat Jamie and Chad in the over 30 game of SKATE? These are just a few of the things I think about before falling asleep every night. I guess only time will tell. In Team news, Harbour is in California training with Chad Knight. William and Tyler are heading back to Cali. as well and Monicos on a Jamaican cruise. Brando, ya know the one with the catfish mustache, has left on a solo search for Animal Chin. We should have random updates from his road trip so look out for those. I guess that's all I got today, but I promise to update on a more consistent basis this year. From the core, for the core.-

-Here's a photo montage of the pre-party dinner the Shop had before the "In Color" premier.

-Of course the first thing people ask after a video premier is "when are you guys gonna start filming for the next one"..........the madness has already begun.-