15446 E. Hampden Ave. Aurora CO. 80013 (303) 718-9493

-With The Broncos losing in the fashion they did yesterday and the 5-10 inches of snow they are calling for tonight, needless to say there is a harsh vibe in the Mile High City on this Monday. Besides those setbacks there is some cool things to look forward to in the coming weeks in regards to local Skateboard videos being dropped. The first one is the 7twenty video which premiers December 3rd at the Mayan Theater with admission being $12. The Second and one I'm most looking forward to is the Crisis Video "subdivision". This production premiers December 9th at the Oriental theater and I'm not sure the cost but you'll pay whatever it is and like it. I'm gonna get back to contemplating closing up the shop early, I just wanted to touch base with my internets people. Have a good day everyone and hope to see you sooner than later.

-Biggest hubba ever!!!!

-Phils back from Seattle to spend time with family for Thanksgiving.

-Everything is safer with a buddy.

-Jan visited from Los Angeles a few weeks back but didn't come in the shop to say hi:(

-Look what I found sitting in a filmers "I don't know what to do with" folder on a flash drive. I see you Joey!

-Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was memorable and you got plenty of skateboarding in. It's starting to get chilly at night and we have that hoody or beanie your looking for to keep the chill off during those night sessions. Breaking news from the skateboarding industry, they've takin our lifestyle and sold it to the highest bidder. Have a nice day!

-I'm just gonna throw this out there......

-I have a lot people asking what the hell has been going on with Garrett. He's been living in the city, working at American Apparel, skateboarding, doing art and just being rad! He has actually designed a shop hoodie that should be in the shop by later next week!!!!

-In other team/family news, Brandon moved down to Santa Maria Island which is off the coast of Florida. He's been working, skating the local park and enjoying the laid back beach life.

-When Justin has a bad day at the office he just goes home, stares at this, and all is good.

-Last day of August is upon us, damn that month flew by! September is up and that means perfect nights for skateboarding and the threat of Winter around the corner. Don't stress to hard we still have a few months of good skateboarding before old man winter shows his ugly face. Just ask Jacob and his Mom how lame Winter is to Skateboarders. So on that note get your skating fix in before your pulling a Jacob;) I also wanted to touch on something that has caught my attention in regards to the videos I link to here at the site. I've learned that if your using Chrome as your web browsing that instead of the videos just playing when you click on them now they are downloading to your desk top. This is because Chrome and Quicktime are not playing nice with each other and we have to suffer. If your using any other web browser than you are having the user experience we want you to have. Okay, enough nerd talk. Go skate!!!!!!

-Lunch Break Skateboards keeps stacking to their already amazing team, they have added William Spencer and Tyler Price to the roster. I can only imagine what a video would be like from them with all the creative minds over there. Lets hope we get one sooner than later!

-Anybody seen Joey lately? Or G-Knight? Tell em I said hi if you do.

-I've always loved Thursdays because, obvisiuosly, Friday and the weekend were on the horizon. It felt so good around here the last couple of days with Fall in the air. Sadly today and the rest of the weekend is looking like the dog days of summer with temps in the high 90's. Stoked for hoody wheather, hopefully it comes sooner than later. Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets out and skates. Remember, if you need anything we are here for you with the best product knowledge and customer service in the industry.

-Concerned citizens can be just as annoying as any cop or security guard.

-I haven't spoke to Whitney in quite awhile but I did hear through the skatevine that he has bought a motorcycle and joined the ABA (African Bikers Association).

-Lybarger has settled back in to Colorado life. He has been working in an office helping his parents with thier new home health care business. He has started back at Metro, hair farming and growing herbs in his backyard. Sounds a little hippyish if you ask me.

-We are proud to announce that our very own Jesse Archuleta is one of the new team riders for Lunch Break Skateboards!!!!!

-Happy Monday everyone, hope your weekend was filled with nollie flips and smith grinds! Unfortunately mine was filled with 4 hours lost in Ikea, honey do list and home improvements:( I guess that's what comes with home ownership. While we are on the subject of homes, a couple homegrown Colorado skateboard companies have popped up in the last few weeks that Brothers Boards is excited to educate you on. First is Farm Skateboards started by powerhouse skateboarder Mike Marks. Second is Lunch Break Skateboards born from the minds of Shad Spencer , Micah Hollinger and Mark Spencer. Both companies have a rad idea behind them and awesome dudes running the show so hopefully you can pick some up here at the shop sooner than later!!!! I'm a firm believer that Colorado has one of the best skate scenes and these two new companies just help to prove it!!! Support local!!!!!

-Ben takes the hubba less traveled.

-Hey Jordan, what the hell does "ishebona" mean?

-Justin powers through a 5050!

-Greetings skate rats and Shoe Goo connoisseurs. If your reading this you're blowing it, GO SKATE!!!!!!

-Murphy gives us a perfectly executed mob flip!

-Darren has the best pornstache in the business.

-Paul Walsh, the finest hype man in the industry.

-Phil began his journey to Seattle over the weekend where he will be living, skating and snowboarding for the Winter. Luckily for us he finished up his video part for the shop and we are excited to showcase his talents in the Brothers Boards production that will be released as soon as everyone else steps their game up;)

-Hey everyone, hope all is well and that you finally landed that trick you've been trying forever! Sad to say Back To School is right around the corner:( Summer flew by this year and it doesn't help that school is starting around two weeks earlier than usual, on the bright side school will let out earlier in return. The shop is starting to receive our "Back to School" goods so be sure to check in regularly to make sure your looking great for that first day back! And as always we will have a "Back to School" sale and we will announce the dates very soon. So with that said be sure to get out and Skate as much as possible the next week! Hope to see you all soon!!!!

-You get by with a little help from your friends.

-When Tyler isn't killing it on a skateboard he's killing it at life.

-Zach is settling in quite well in Chicago. Along with Skateboarding in one of the most amazing cities he is working at a Guitar Store, actually he's making high end Guitars for some pretty influential people. He is also playing music in a legit band called "The Band Royale". Keep killing it Zach, we all miss you!

-Brophy is Brothers Boards Utah connection. The SK801 homies just released a new gem showcasing the Utah talent "Zorch Life", check it out!

-Summer has arrived and so has The Brothers Boards Skateboard Camps. I cant believe this is our twentieth year conducting the skateboard camps. It seems like only yesterday we were begging the city to even consider us having these camps now the city begs us to continue, funny how that works. As always please don't wait til the last minute to register because we limit the amount of participants in each camp to ensure close interaction between campers and teachers. If you look to the right there is a link with more info on the camps and an online registration option, you can also register in the shop if that's easier for you.

-In other news I'm sure most of you know about the Stay Flared tour coming to town Saturday. Of course with any Skateboard demo there has been a little confusion with dates, parks and time. From what I can gather it is Saturday, Northglenn park @ 5pm. Stay tuned to Emerica and lakai Instagrams for further updates.

-Nathan has been traveling around the West Coast with The Lifers Project guys in a 2015 Cadillac Escalade, skateboarding, taking photos, camping and just being rad. Go check out the guys over at The Lifers Project and follow them on their many adventures.

-Phil returned from his trip with the Lib Tech team on their tour that started in Seattle and ended in San Diego where they did some demos and filmed for their upcoming video. On returning Phil informed me that Lib Tech wants him to move out to Seattle to be closer to his sponsor and to film a snowboard part for them this coming winter. Although we will be sad to see him go we are super hyped for Phil to make this much deserved move and we cant wait to see where this journey takes him. Not to worry though, Phil is just about finished with his video part for the shop and vows not to leave until it's complete.

-That's a wrap for this update. I do feel like I forgot something, oh yeah GO Skateboarding Day is this Sunday;) This years event shares Fathers Day. I guess I'll head out in the morning get a few grinds in and than spend the day with my family. I hope all you rad Dads enjoy the day and as always thanks for the support of the shop over the past 20 years!

-Last day of April is upon us with Summer right around the corner. With Summer comes the Brothers Boards Skateboard Camps, warm nightly park sessions and dusting off of the generator for those late night film sessions. Many of you know we have started the filming of our fourth production. There is no name as of yet but that stuff comes organically and you can't rush it. As a name comes about you will be the first to know. This video will have some familiar faces that you've come to expect but I'm excited that there will be some new blood in this production that we will announce when the time is right. There is no release date because we will not put something out that is not better than the last. So look for us out in them streets!

-Phil is back in town from his seasonal Snowboarding escapades. On the last day of the season a tree came out and smacked him in the face breaking his nose. I'm thinking that was a sign for him to get back and finish up his video part.

-That's a wrap on what I got for you today. Thanks for checking back with the blog and as always thanks for the continued support of the shop.

-Hey bros, hope all is well and this bipolar Colorado weather isn't screwing with your mental well being. If your a Colorado native your accustomed to the winters, if your one of those "weed is legal" transplants hopefully its enough to make you leave!!!!! If you noticed more people wearing Nike, florescent beanies and dreads walking around this past week it's because SIA was going down. If your not familiar with SIA it's when the snowboard industry gets together for a week to figure out how to make snowboarding cool again. Breaking news, no luck again this year. The death of Alien Workshop didn't last long. As with Habitat it seems Tum Yeto has come to the rescue. The good news is Mike Hill is still the creative force behind Alien but with no team announced I guess time will tell if this will last. Mystery Skateboards has also risen from the grave, but honestly who really cares. I've hated enough today, have a good week and hope to see you soon!!!!!!

-The boys over at Holiday Skateboards have released a video (Mile High Holiday) showcasing their recent Colorado trip. Tyler and some of the rest of the team have tricks.

-Ben has finished up BJ #4.

-Happy New Year dudes! Hope all is well and your kickflips aren't mobbed out, if so just own it. It's been a while since we last connected and I must apologize, again. I hope you can forgive me , but honestly I've just been really busy bringing the radness that is Brothers Boards back to Aurora;) So with that said thanks to all those that support Brothers and to show our gratitude we are having a customer appreciation sale this weekend. 20-30% off everything in the shop Saturday and Sunday! If you didn't get all you wanted for X-mas here's your chance to splurge on yourself. Hope to see you all soon!!!!!!

-A lot of kids ask me who my favorite skateboarder is/was......legends never die!

-Stop bitching and start creating.

-The Monday of a new Month with Winter today but Spring the rest of the week, I'll take it. I'm more bummed on the whole Day Light Savings shit. I hate when it gets dark at 4:30, it's a sure sign that Winter is upon us. I hope everyone had a safe/fun Halloween this year. I took a little weekend getaway with the Family up to Estes Park. It was nice to get away from the city/shop and the weather was amazing. With the colder weather setting in the shop has a great selection of hoodies and beanies to keep you warm during those nightly park sessions. Come give us a look over I'm sure you'll find something to your liking. Have a good week and hope to see you all soon!!!!

-Garrett's out in New York, because, you know it's the cool thing to do.

-Where the hell has Whitney been?

-This pretty much sums up Wheel Park.

-Every team needs a hype man and Paul Walsh serves us well.

-Phil has officially moved up to Breck for the Winter. He's dead to us until Spring rolls around;)

-Jesse is due back from a two year contracted job he took in Germany where he worked, traveled and partied Euro style. We missed him bunches and are stoked he's do back soon.

-The weekend is here and the weather is perfect. In bad news, the powers that be have closed Trails park because somebody took a shit on the floor of the bathroom and of course they blamed a skateboarder for this. I don't know for how long the park will be closed but not to worry, perfect reason to HIT THE FUCKIN STREETS!!!!! If your looking for something to do tonight look to the right and you'll see a flyer for Garretts Art show down at Emage. Go, mingle and show some love for an original Aurora ripper;) Thanks for checking back on the shops blog and have a sicky weekend bros(doing the hand shaka while typing that last statement);););)

-Not to worry, Justin is fine. More importantly his Bart tat wasn't tarnished.

-Switch Bitch;)

-Ben went under the knife earlier this week to clear up some bone spurs in his ankle. The Doctor gave him some good news saying it wasn't as bad as anticipated and he should be back fakie flipping soon.

-Double the pleasure, double the fun.

- Another Monday is upon us. I hope everyone had a rad weekend, I worked but still found some time to enjoy myself. I skated a little this morning solo style, literally, I had the park all to myself. I use to not enjoy skating alone but I've come to like it. It allows me to get my head cleared of all the bullshit and be fresh and ready for the day, and not to mention these Fall mornings are perfect skate weather. In team news, Murphy is managing an Apple store in Boulder. Hey Murph what's up with the discount;) Tyler is settling in to the Pro Skateboarder life quite easily considering it's really no different than how he's been living the past 10 years. Joey is working down at Emage, I heard this through the grapevine and I also heard he's scared to tell me;) Ben's getting ready to have Ankle surgery to remove some bone spurs. Justin just got back from a little California skateboard trip. Phil's getting ready to make his yearly move up to Breck for the snowbro season. I wish I could give you a little more info on what all the guys are doing but since moving the shop out to Aurora I really don't get to see them as much as I would like to:( But I guess it's like Joey says, "I don't do Aurora". I hope everyone has a good Monday, stays away form the Ebola virus and remember you don't have to buy to come say hi!

-If this is throwaway can you imagine what Phil has stacked for a full video part.

-Looks like old man winter is beginning to move his way back in. Enjoy this month of bearable day temps because the shit storm is right around the corner. On the bright side, for the first time in a long time, the skateboarders in our community have somewhere legit to skate when the cold and snow hits, Skatetuary. This is Uriel Luebckes creation, a longtime Colorado ripper. I've heard nothing but good about this place. I'm glad a real skateboarder from Colorado did this and not another clueless company just looking to make a profit off of skateboarding. Personally I'm a little more old school with it, I'll throw two hoodies on and hit an underground parking lot when the weather is on the fritz, but if you need to be warm and cozy to do your hardflip nosegrinds you got somewhere to go. Now with the cold weather moving in the shop has been stocking up on the essentials, looking for a new hoodie, beanie or some new kicks we got you covered, literally. Have a good weekend, we'll talk soon.

-I don't know anyone who would turn down a third BJ;)

-Crisis is celebrating their 4th anniversary with an Art show "Four on the Floor" Saturday @ 8pm at the shop. For more info (303) 465-1706, go and show your support for Jeremy and his rad shop! Congrats Jeremy!

-I would like to thank everyone who came out Friday night to celebrate Tyler going pro! It was a great turn out and Tyler felt the love that night! The shop has his first pro board in stock, available in sizes 8.25 and 8.5. You want to show your support for Tyler? Buy his board:) I would also like to thank everyone who helped with another successful summer of skateboard camps, our last one of the summer was Sunday and it always feels good to give back to our community! A huge kudos to all the team guys for volunteering their time all summer to help the kids, love you guys! And as always, Brothers Boards would like to thank everyone for the support over the last 18 years, without our customers we are nothing:) 

-The guys over at Sober Mag are having a contest for those of you who have taken a summer skate trip with the homies. They are asking you to edit your trip together and send it over to them and they will put on the site and choose some winners. Details are HERE. Good luck!

-Happy Thursday folks, one day closer to the weekend. My Thursday has started out quite nice I had a person pay for my Starbucks this morning and luckily there wasn't anyone behind me so I didn't have to repay the favor;) Although I like the whole pay it forward thing, I do hate how you feel obligated if someone does that for you to pass it along to the person behind you. I usually only get a $2 cup of coffee but with my luck the person in line behind me is a full car all wanting venti frappuccinos. It's already August and you know what that means, Summer is just about over. In fact one of the school districts out my way have already started the school year back. Don't forget about us if your needing some clothes/shoes for back to school, we'll have you looking good that first day!

-So you got a list of tricks for that 10 stair at your school but the crack in front of the set is holding you back, not to worry Fred shows you how to fix that!

-Some big news to report, Tyler price has officially gone pro for Holiday Skateboards! It's well deserved and couldn't of happened to a more well deserving person. We are very proud that Tyler is part of our skateboard family and can't wait to see what's next for him. His first pro board should be available in the shop sometime in August, a must have if you support the Colorado skateboard scene! We will have a pro party for Tyler as soon as we have the exact date when his board will be available and everyone will be invited. So with that said here is a little edit Holiday made announcing him to the team.

-Just a reminder that we have one last Skateboard Camp this Summer. Sunday, August 24th @ Wheel Park. The camp caters to beginners, intermediate and advanced skill levels. Very proud to be able to say this is Brothers Boards 18th year working with the City of Aurora doing the camps! For registration you can call the shop or register online here!

-Happy July 4th everyone! This is the day we Bar-B-Q meat, blow shit up and give the British the middle finger;) Enjoy your independence today if that's what you want to call it. The skateboard industry is constantly being turned on its backside lately with established companies going under or moving to different distribution outlets. Pro's leaving their sponsors or sponsors dumping their pros. I'm not surprised, this usually happens every ten years or so. I feel like skateboarding is for the people and when skateboarding is taken out of the peoples hands we will always take it back. Does that make sense? Just remember to always support skateboarder owned and run companies!!!! Okay enough with the politics lets get into some news from around these parts.

-A lot of the team guys have been traveling around this Summer. Nathan was on a 45 day excursion with the Lifers Project shooting photos and having art shows throughout the country ending in New York city. Check out their Tumblr, really cool thing they are doing. Garrett and his crew just got back from a trip to SF on their quest to find Animal Chin and Phil returned today from his Albuquerque Animal Chin search. From what I've heard both quest were successful and fun was had!

-Noel Boyt got married a few weeks back in Seattle. Congrats Noel, life hammer for sure!

-Zach, aka Danger-Mon, has moved to Chicago to pursue his love of woodworking. He is actually making high end guitars. We wish him the best of luck. I wanted him to have a part in the shops next video but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I have put together a little edit of what he had gotten so far, I hope you enjoy.

-I can't believe it's already May. What a strange and long winter it has been. With its longer days and warmer nights it feels good to know Summer is right around the corner. As always we have the Skatecamp dates set up and registration has begun. If you look to the right you will see the registration button which has all the info you will need. Register early because classes fill quick. I am very proud to say that this is the 18th year of Brothers Boards doing the summer Skateboard camps. We have other big events planned for the summer that we will announce as the time becomes right, so be sure to stay connected with us through the web site or the other social networks that we participate in.

-Steve has become a star overnight thanks to Tosh.

-Ben and Justin have decided not to make "BJ" a full length video but instead try to continually put out a new one every so often calling them "volumes". Here is Volume1 and Volume2, and remember if your not having fun your doing it wrong!

-Garrett, like most who have the chance, has moved away from A-Town to an apartment in the downtown Denver area. He is sharing his abode with his wifey and Max Garson. Good luck Amigo, we miss your charming wit and good looks;)

-Most close friends and relatives know that Me and Cristina had the twins last week, a girl and a boy, on 4-4-2014 to be exact, but most don't know how scary and nerve racking the delivery was. To make a long story short the babies were delivered with an emergency c-section and arrived two months early. I feel very blessed that Cristina and the twins are doing great and growing stronger everyday:) The only downside is that the twins have to spend some time in the hospital until they grow a little bigger. It's really hard leaving the hospital every night without them and I feel like I live at the hospital lately. I must apologize if you've come by the shop and I've been closed. It just seems more important to support my babies and Cristina in this difficult but joyful time, I hope you all understand. If you plan on stopping in the shop just give the shop a call. Since I carry the shop phone on me at all times I will definitely answer and let you know what are hours are for that particular day. As always I greatly appreciate all your support for the shop and with two more mouths to feed I'm gonna need it more than ever;) So with that said I would like to introduce you to the dynamic duo Everly and Loxly! Have a great Easter weekend everyone and hope to see you all soon!!!!

-Happy Saturday! Hopefully your gonna get out, skate and enjoy this beautiful Spring like day. If so stay away from the skatepark and get out in them streets! Skateparks are for old dudes like me, and of course misguided kids with scooters. Most of you know by now that Brandon has moved back from Cali but Ryan and Murphy are also moving back. Actually Ryan is already back and Murph should be arriving by the end of the month. I'm super hyped to get the band back together! In other big news, Shad and Kathi are expecting their second child by the end of the month! This one is a boy and I'm sure it's gonna be a chip off the ol block;) Congrats guys!!!!! Speaking of babies I'm sure most of you know me and Cristina are expecting twins, a boy and a girl, in a couple months. Cristina is doing great and the babies are growing strong and healthy:) And from witnessing what Cristina has had to go through with this pregnancy I can honestly say woman have bigger balls than us men will ever have!!! Have a great weekend amigos, hope to see you soon, and if you just feel the overwhelming urge to get our babies a gift we are registered at Babies"R"Us under the name Cristina Robles in Aurora, Colorado;)

-Homeless coalition huh, that's a new one.

-Jordans Birthday was Thursday. I'm always a day late and a dollar short, either way Happy Birthday Jordan!

-It's been awhile since the last update, sorry amigos. January is just always such a lame month and I haven't really had anything to update about. The weather around here is pretty depressing today and its looking the same for another 7-8 days:( I guess I shouldn't be too bummed considering the Winter has been pretty mellow so far. I'm just ready for Spring already! Since the Broncos are in the Super Bowl the town is draped in orange which I'm cool with but if I see one more Bronco/Seahawk inspired weed shirt I might just lose it! This might as well be what the game is about. Weeds legal, get over it! Either way I will be glued to the boob tube Sunday to watch the Donkeys cruise to victory, all hail Peyton!!!!!!! Be safe driving these icy streets over the weekend and hopefully I can get an update in sooner than a month next time;)

-Brandon, Ben and Justin headed to Albuquerque for the weekend to escape this arctic storm we are having, I guess they are smarter than they look.

-Gary, I had an idea for those FS videos you and your boyfriends make.

-This always sucks

-I'm giving out a free deck to anyone who brings in Phils fadora so we can burn it;)

-Happy New Year everybody! Stoked to see 2013 go out and hopefully 2014 brings us all the prosperity we deserve. So lets get right into some news for the new year. Rumor on the streets is that Noel Boyt is the new Graphic Designer over at Altamont and Emerica. Finally a skateboard company makes a smart decision. Congrats Noel, we are all stoked for you amigo, but I would suggest updating your Blog;) Brandon has been out in San Diego for a couple months now filming and helping with Lurkville skateboards but if you know anything you know there is no money in skateboarding outside of dew tours and nike swooshes. So to make ends meet Brandon is now working as a security guard at a Marijuana dispensary. I know there is a joke in there somewhere, kinda like how I have to work a job delivering airline blankets in the early mornings to keep food on the table and the shop afloat. Did I say Joke? I meant sad reality. Stay up Brandon, miss you buddy! Zach has left the Mile High City for a two month California skate excursion. Perfect timing considering the weather around here lately. He gave me a ring the other day saying he is stacking clips, skated with the elusive Ryan Lybarger and is in no hurry to get back. Not much else to share today, enjoy the weekend, ditch the skatepark and hit the streets!

-Went downtown on New Years Day with the boys and I actually pulled out the camera. Heres a throwaway clip of Garrett. Can't give you the goods because we are saving all those gems for "Support The Struggle" due out when its done.

-I wouldn't suggest skating that new buttery marble ledge between Broadway and Lincoln on 14th. The fuzz came in hard but cut us a break because it was New Years Day, knowing is half the battle;)